1 chemo yesterday/ clinical trial

Hi everybody,
I first posted when just diagnosed and could not tell you much about my treatments, well i had my 1st session of chemo yesterday i am taking part in the new clinical trial ( anyone else taking part in this ?) i am having 4 sessions of neo- tango taxol / gemcitabine, what a long day ! i have these treatments every 2 weeks, then switch to EC for 4 sessions and then surgery, the worst thing for me last night was my arms felt so painful they were like lead wieights and i had terrible pins and needles , Anybody else had this ? anyway just 7 more to go !!! please drop me a line even if its just to say hello your lovely messages of support have got me through a very difficult couple of weeks (dont feel too bad either this morning )
love galen xx

Hi Galen

There will be a few ladies on Neo-Tango trial. One advantage is that the Taxol/Gem is given every two weeks, instead of three, which will make your chemo shorter than it normally would be. The pins and needles is from the taxol, I think - but if you are worried about any symptom then ring your chemo unit who will advise, doesn’t matter if you are worried about it being trivial.

I hope the rest of the chemo goes OK.


hi fuschia,
lovely to hear from you, how are you getting on,? hows your treatment ? i thin we are quite similar arent we? thanks for the advice, it has settled down compared to last night , i am running a nice warm bath .
love galen xx

Hi Galen

We probably got diagnosed at the same time, I think. I am having chemo after surgery, and just had my first one last week - I still feel a bit rough, but OK. :slight_smile: I used to work on the Neo-Tango trial as a nurse, so I know about it - I think it has a lot of advantages because as I say the chemo is concertina-d, and I think there are advantages just to being on a trial in general.


Hello Galen

Good to hear from you again.

Glad to see that you’ve started on your treatment now. I think most people feel better once they actually start - I did - I felt that I was doing something positive.

Hope you manage to have a good weekend.

Take care
Love Anthi

hi galen,just posting you a cyber cuppa and a friendly hug

Hi Galen

I’m on the neo tango trial too. I am on the Taxol/EC arm. Have just finished the chemo three weeks ago. The taxol gave me pins and needles in my hands and feet. The ends of two of my finger tips still feel a little bit strange but most of the weird sensation has gone. I’ve got fantastic support from the research nurse and am finding that generally on the trial we seem to get additional support and testing. I’m having my op next week followed my three weeks of rads.

Wishing you the very best of luck with the trial. I know when I first posted about the trial I received lots of great comments from a few ladies on the same trial. I’m sure you’ll get lots of support here.

Take care

Hi Galen,

you’re a big girl now, starting chemo and all that!! LOL. At least thats your 1st one out of the way, I felt v.relieved once I’d been for my first one. I too am on a trial, the TACT 2 one, and the first part of my treatment has been accelerated just like yours is and its great! To be honest everyone said the time would go quickly and I must admit that so far it has. I still have a long way to go (CMF starts next weds!) but fingers crossed it’ll go quickly, as I’m sure it will for all of us.

I hope you are still feeling good this evening and that you don’t suffer too badly with any of the side effects.

Take care and let us know how you’re doing,


Hi Galen,

I’m on the same trial, same group, and a couple of weeks ahead. I’ve just had my second dose this week.

At least this time we were spared the fire alarm and evacuation… but I was there 9am to 7:15pm… They had some big delays on with some vein problems and didn’t get started on me til 1pm so I knew it was going to be a late one. At least I got home in time to see one son before he went to bed.

I haven’t had the fingers and toes problem but I currently have phlebitis on my left forearm from the first dose and a slight pink mark along a vein on the right arm from this weeks (which comes and goes and I’m keeping my eye on it). Other than that just infernal itching all over the body from about day 5 to 7 last time.

I’m using the scalp cooler and no hair loss so far. They did the hat up way too tight this week, though, and it gave me a splitting headache. Went away as soon as the hat was off (not surprisingly) although along the way they had loosened it a bit and given me paracetamol, which did little.

So I’m due to be finishing up around mid October and having an op 3-5 weeks after that.

Good luck with your treatment. Hope you’re feeling OK in the arms soon.



glad to hear that the first one is now out of the way… you can now start counting down. It won’t be long and you’ll be writing that you are half way through

Hi Everybody
thank you so much for your lovely messages will keep you posted, take care everybody
love galen