1 week on from surgery

Hi all

One week on from lumpectomy and I thought I’d be feeling more human … Had a low day today. Got a lump under my armpit and my breast is still tender … Is this normal… I tried to get an appointment to check the lump but there wasn’t any before the weekend and was told to phone 111 … but I’m not one for making a fuss and I’m probably being a worrier …any advise as to how long it takes to be human

The lump under your arm could be a seroma - build up of fluid quite common after this op , it’s nothing to worry about but is very uncomfortable . Give yourself a couple of weeks at least to feel more human , the GA itself takes it out of you plus all the stress surrounding the op , another week and you should hopefully feel a lot better .

Thank you X does the lump just disappear ?

Yes ,usually it just gets dissolved into your body after a couple of weeks or so but if it’s really uncomfortable they will drain it , unfortunately it tends to fill up again really quickly so if you can cope with it they tend to leave it .Best to get it checked but it’s not normally something to br worried about just really uncomfortable - I had one around scar under arm size of a very large egg they drained it but filled straight back up , then disappeared overnight when I was about to get it drained again .

Thank you so much X 

Hi, do you have a follow-up with your surgeon? Mine was 2 weeks after my surgery, and he examined me & drained some fluid from my lumpectomy scar, but didn’t seem concerned about that. Maybe call your BCN for a chat?

Thank you xx had my dressings off this week and there was a slight concern there was an infection… the area of concern doesn’t seem to have developed any further but the swelling is… I spoke to BCN on thursday but she had no availability in clinic on Friday. My consultant follow up is on Thursday so hopefully all my worries will be wiped out. 

Im new on here.
I had surgery thursday 21st.(lumpectomy)
All went fine, but i did have to go to theatre twice due to a hematoma. Very bruised, but healing.
I was diagnosed with a Her2+ positive cancer.
I go back on 10th oct to find out what further treatment is needed. Think i will need chemo and herceptin- not sure. Its been a total whirlwind.