1 Year follow up Mammogram

This afternoon I go for my first follow up mammogram after mastectomy last year.  I am terrified of the feelings I am having.  I cancelled this appointment a coupe of weeks ago to put off the dreaded hour and then as my anxiety grew worse I knew, with advice, that it was best to do it and yesterday I miraculously got a appointment for today.


At thie same time I have developed a rash on my chest and neck (the GP can’t put a name to it and just says it’s dermatitis).  I think it’s a reaction to the sun but I have never had it before.  I am very allergic to stuff and am afraid to put stuff on that may make it worse.  Also, of course, my mind is catastrophizing about skin mets.  


I was very laid back last year when I went to my GP, and the specialist did not feel anything wrong with my breast so I breezed along for the mammogram thinking I was wasting everyone’s time.  Lo and behold I had breast cancer.


I can’t bear it when people say ‘it’ll be fine’!!

Anyone got a virtual hug?

Very flakey 


Would a hug from me do? Gently, it’s only a few weeks since my WLE and SNB, little bit sore still!


The rash might be related to anxiety - I tend to get a rash on my face immediately after a stressful spell.


You are definitely doing the right thing, getting the mammogram - it is the unkown that gets me most worked up most, don’t you feel that too?



Jenji, I had my first annual mammogram a few weeks ago.  I asked to see the scan and asked for an explanation.  It was clear and now I have the image in my mind I will ask at my next appointment.  It is always a fearful thing to have to do especially after your experience.  Like you I went for a mammogram and ultra sound without the slightest notion that I had cancer.  Did not feel lump and felt perfectly fine.  Was sent for scan as I had complained about stomach ache which was due to stones in my bile duct low and behold the other nasty was sitting perfectly comfortably in my left breast.  What a blow.  You need to go and make sure all is well and it will be.