1 Year on!!

Hi. Today is the first anniversary of my MX and reconstruction. I was diagnosed with DCIS in February 2012 and I had a DIEP reconstruction a year ago today, and I have never regretted my decision. I was given the ‘choice’ of WLE or MX, although they tried to encourage me to go for the MX due to the size of my breast and how much DCIS was present. I decided to go for the MX as it just seemed like the best option for me and my family. I didn’t want the uncertainty of if’s and when’s. I just knew that if the breast was removed, then there was nothing to worry about!! I have 3 children and I want to be around to see them grow up, and have families of their own. The histology report showed more high grade DCIS and more ‘markers’ lurking around, which proved to me that it was the right decision. It’s not been the easiest of years, but I am now fully back to good health. There is nothing that I can’t do. We even went skiing this year in February. My life has returned to ‘normal’ :slight_smile:
I consider myself to be lucky in all of this. Due to the DCIS not being invasive, I was given the choice of treatment and the time to research what was the best option for me. Not everyone gets that. Nothing went wrong at any of the stages of treatment - no infection, little fat necrosis, no further treatments. I’m not even going to have a nipple reconstructed (it doesn’t seem that important in the grand scheme of things).
I hope my story is of some help to someone :slight_smile:
Mandy xx

Happy birthday, Mandy and this Thursday, 18th of April will be my 2nd anniversary from my mx with reconstruction. I have just had my 2nd mammogram since my op and I am pleased to report that all is well.
My life is no longer normal, but extraordinary as now I have a 4 month old baby grandson so life is even sweeter than before!

Hi Mandy
Thanks for posting such a positive message. Yes it is helpful to me although I’ve had 2 WLE for my DCIS as there wasn’t too much. Thankful for mammograms!
I just have rads to go now :slight_smile:

Mazzalou, how wonderful, and congratulations on becoming a grandmother! 2 of my boys are in long term relationships, but I don’t see children on the cards for quite some time. Life sounds good for you.
I actually have my first mammogram this coming Monday. I’m a little apprehensive about it, but I’m sure all will be ok. Apparently, just because I have had it in 1 breast, doesn’t mean that I will get it in both.
Susie, I’m glad my ‘story’ helped. I can remember last year trawling through these threads looking for something to keep me going. You hear that you have something wrong, but always fear the worst. As I said, I do feel lucky that this was found and that I had the chance to do something about it. I had the surgery and I have needed no further treatment, unlike yourself. I hope all goes well for you with your rads :slight_smile:

Good luck for your mammogram on Monday and I am sure that all will be fine

Thank you. I’m one of these people that tries not to worry in advance of anything - just deal with things as they happen! Makes for a less stressful life, I find :slight_smile:

My philosophy too - cross those bridges when you come to them and don’t put them there first.
Remember ‘Today is the Tomorrow you worried about Yesterday’!

I was diagnosed with widespread DCIS February 13th 2012,I had mx with LD flap recon, 6 x fec chemo. Unfortunately my recon failed and I’m due to have DIEP recon in about 6 months. I’m having a mammogram on Wednesday, which I do feel nervous about. Good luck Skigirl with your mammogram on Monday.
good luck Susie for your rads.

Hi Gillian
I’m so sorry that your recon failed; I can only imagine what that was like, as it was one of my biggest fears (out of everything!!!). I was diagnosed on 12th Feb 2012!! How bizarre we were diagnosed a day apart. I hope that the DIEP is a success for you. I feel so lucky that my recon was a success, and is one of the reasons I am not having any further surgery. Don’t really want to ‘tempt fate’ :slight_smile:
Try not to feel anxious about your mammogram, although I know it’s difficult. Let me know how you get on, if you like.
Mazzalou, you are so right. What a fabulous expression. I must try to remember that :slight_smile:
Take care all of you xxxx

Just to update this post, mammogram all clear - yippee!! :smiley:

Take care everyone xx

I too had my one year on mammo and it also was clear.
Here are a few articles/studies about recurrence rates after a MX for DCIS from Bessie at bc.org (US site):
Analyzing the risk of recurrence after mastectomy for DCIS: a new use for the USC/Van Nuys Prognostic Index. This study reported a 2.2% recurrence rate (11 women out of 496) over an average follow-up period of 83 months.
Local recurrence of ductal carcinoma in situ after skin-sparing mastectomy. Over a mean follow-up period of 82.3 months, 5.1% of the 223 women experienced a recurrence.
Impact of margin status on local recurrence after mastectomy for ductal carcinoma in situ. 2 out of 142 women (1.4%) experienced a recurrence over an median follow-up period of 7.6 years.
Is radiation indicated in patients with ductal carcinoma in situ and close or positive mastectomy margins?Of the 193 women followed for a median follow-up time of 8 years, the recurrence rate was 1.7% overall and 3.3% for those who had high grade DCIS.

So the risk of recurrence after a MX for DCIS is low, but there is definitely a risk. It’s important to remain diligent and continue to check your (reconstructed) breasts or your chest (if you opted out of reconstruction).

Thanks for that information LB. I will definitely keep checking, although, I never had any symptoms in the first place - I actually went to the doctors with a lump in my other breast, which turned out to be a cluster of cysts!! At least we get an annual check up now :slight_smile:


Skigirl, I have some decalcification in my healthy right breast tissue and my bs say’s it’s the good kind. Of ocurse, it is there although in the back of my mind as to it turning vicious, like the watched decalcification in my mx left and I too has no symptoms, just a baseline from previous mammo that did have a biopsy taken that was clear.

Hi LB. I would be the same as you - at the back of my mind, just wondering if or when it might turn into the bad kind. But, I suppose, we can’t let this control us. We just have to try to get on with life, and deal with whatever (if anything else) comes our way :slight_smile: And have lots of happy and positive thoughts :smiley: xxx