10/18 node involvement - Help!

Hi Cherub, the list is so useful as I often found that I wasn’t able to take everything in at appts - and that was BEFORE chemo so I couldn’t even blame it on chemo brain! And the long waits in clinic are difficult but I found that, once in with onc, you’d think I was the only patient there so I think long waits are par for the course. Hope you are keeping well and thanks for posting, Pat x

Hi Cass,
Was originally diagnosed Feb 06.
Invasive Ductal. Grade 3. 3cm Tumor. Full anc.ER+ PR-.
Her2+. 6 Lymph nodes Involved.
Pls read my profile went to see Onc May 09 NAD, back in Sept 09.
Yearly mammo and ultrasound Nxt Wk.
Back to living and looking forward!!!

I had 9/18 nodes AFTER FEC chemo in 2003 and the disease has not returned. See my profile for more.

Also, the statistics are pretty pointless because they only tell you what will happen to a group of people like you, not what will happen to you. You could end up on the right side of the stats.

Please, can someone tell me how to check profiles. A couple of ladies have said “see profile” but I have been unable to locate them. Many thanks.


Thanks for all your comments, it’s very encouraging and you’re right Christine, the statistics aren’t particularly helpful. Tracey, great that you’re so well and positive, will try and follow your example! Jeannie, to view profiles you click on the users name - having said that, I’ve been trying for a couple of days and the details won’t load. May be my computer’s playing up. All the best, Pat x

Hi Cass and all

Just noticed this thread. I too am a node positive gel having 19/24 infected. This was a complete shock as Breast surgeon was sure from ultrasounds etc and feel of them that none were infected.

This has been a constant niggle in back of my mind and it is reassuring to read some of the comments here. I know what the stats are and my personal philosophy is do all i can
to stay as fit and healthy as possible and take the nasty medicine. Other than that its all down to luck.

i am about a month behind you, should be starting radiotherapy in June and am on the dreaded taxotere!!!

All the best to all.


Hi Cass, i do understand your worry i had 10 out of 11 infected and i always think about the 1 that wasn’t and that gives me hope, I am 2 1/2 years down the line and no problems so far so good.
Best wishes Helenxx

Linda and Helen, thanks for your comments. Linda, how’s the TAX going - I didn’t feel too bad on it, compared to fEC anyway. Rads are going well, how many do you have to have? I must admit all these posts are making me feel more positive, even optimistic. I guess we can only take a day at a time and hope for the best. Yes Helen, I too think of the nodes that weren’t affected, I’m so glad things are good with you. Best of luck to you both, and thanks again to the other ladies for posting such hopeful comments. Pat x

Hi Cass,

I have my penultimate tax on tuesday. Tax is a bit of a mixed bag for me. FEC didnt bother me that much, it all seemed over quickly but tax is ok until steroids run out and the marrow boosting juice starts around day three. I am then in for five days of feeling like rubbish. The worst thing is total lack of energy with tax which i still have. I went to gym this morning and then came home and went to bed for 2 hours. It could be the cumulative effect of chemo rather than tax itself although i hope not.

I saw the oncologist on Thursday but she couldnt tell me when rads start or even how long, She said they will contact me so i will just have to wait and see.

I too am trying to stay optimistic and not dwell too much on anything. I have a life to get back!!

All the best and good luck

Linda and Pat hope your coping ok just keep strong they say if it makes you feel rubbish then its working!! take care Helenxx