10 Years Anastrozole Recommended



Diagnosed with BC 2014, Grade 3. Had lumpectomy and radiotherapy. I went to see my oncologist who has discharged me, he recommends staying on Anastrozole for 10 years. I am lucky that I do not have many side effects, aparts from stifness in ankles & fingers. Have any other ladies been told this.

I would welcome everyones thoughts on this.

Take Care everyone.

hi angie, from my understanding, 10 years is the new recommendation as it further reduces the risk of recurrance, compared with 5 years recommended perviously.
I’ve been recommended tamoxifen for 10 years, I could go onto AIs, but I’m happy to stick with tamox.
ann x

Hi, I was given 5 years on Anastrozole last year but the oncologist did say at the time that the latest thinking was to increase it to 10 so I imagine I may get another 5 years worth when I have my reivew. Sue x

Hi I was Dx 5 years ago. I was on Arimidex from my now retired Onc who had told me I needed to take it for 10 years,( not the usual 5 )  then he retired. His successor did not agree when I saw him in Dec 2014. But prior to discharging me at that  time he agreed to see me again in Dec 2015. By then he had changed his mind and I continued. In any case the Chigcago conference in May or June this year had research which showed that some of us ER +ve ladies would benefit from 10 years on Arimidex. I should add that I was post menopausal at Dx J