14 years on new primary

I have been diagnosed today with a new primary bc 14 years after reconstruction and chemo. I am to go through all this again. Always half expected this but i feel battered what with the biopsies taken today. Not sure what to think. So scared at the thought of it all again

I am really sorry to hear you are in this situation Helen. I can really relate to your fear , as I went through the biopsies last week and am waiting for my results . Will get them next Tuesday , so am really anxious .
I had breast cancer in 2008 , and had WLX , axillary clearance followed by chemo and rads then five years on Arimidex/Anastrazole . I too keep thinking … ’ not again ’ .
Hugs ,
Jill x

Hi Sorry to hear your second diagnosis. I was 8 years clear then new primary Dec last year. I have had more major surgery this time but not chemo /rads as DCIS. My advice would be to access emotional support asap the mental impact second time is tough. As you say you half expect it but it’s still devastating. You know what to expect. You will get through we all have an inner strength that kicks in but it’s tough. Please use all available avenues of support Xx

Hi Helen,

I’m another 2nd timer too. I have a 22 year gap.

1st bc at age 29. Wle, nodes positive, radio, chemo and implant a few years later.


New bc in other breast. Wle, no nodes, radio (last of 15 sessions tomorrow) and tamoxifen started.


I had a definite case of thinking oh no, not again, but have seen so many differences in diagnosis, surgery, treatment and support that it almost feels like something totally different.

I say ‘almost’ cause of course, it is another bc and all the memories of years ago came flooding back and some aspects of all this don’t change.


I hope you find changes for the better and wish you well with what lies ahead

Hi Helenm1 and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read your news and hope the support here will be a big help to you, please also feel free to call our helpliners for further practical and emotional support. Lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

I am posting a link to further support services which I hope you will find helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Thank you - was feeling a bit sorry for myself yesterday. It’s tiring telling everyone and knowing hard hard it is for them too

Hi Helen
I hope you are ok. I’m in the same place as you, but a little further on as diagnosed with 17mm invasive and some DCIS on 11 May. I was an absolute wreck that first week - couldn’t sleep, waking up shaking in the night. It’s hard to face this again after 13 years, but we’ve fought this before and can again. You will feel better after tests - so far mine are all ok. My op is on 3 June and really disappointed it’s not next week but thats the earliest they could organise. Like you I always wondered if it would come back when I went through my menopause and it has, but chin up - things have changed a lot from 13/14 years ago. Wishing you all the best, Carole xx

Hi Helen - how are you getting on? Have you had your results back yet?

Hi Carole. Thanks for asking. I had my results on same day so I know it is cancer and has gone to at least one lymph node. I heard from bc nurse last Friday that I will receive 3 appointment in the post - MRI and ct scans and also oncologist appt. I already hv MRI one for next week. I would hv be much keener to start the chemo immediately but I know they need a baseline to work on. The waiting is just awful so I’ve gone back to work.

Hi Helen - the waiting is hell isn’t it - I don’t blame you going back to work, I did last week for a couple of days just to try and take my mind off things and meet up with my friends. I hope your results are all good - let us know how you get on. I’ve just got back from the hospital - had sentinel node biopsy and then a few hours later a wire localisation so I’m ready to go - op is tomorrow and have to be at hospital at 6am so here I go again x

This happened to me today after three years. It. Is so awful and hard to face again!

Feel for you all, it must be terrifying! I just wondered if having a new primary rather than having a secondry (met?) was the lesser of two evils? 

Wishing you all well and sending love 

Lorna x

Hi All, Im new to the forum, I had my result from biopsy last week, new primary 13 years on, same breast. So good to know Im not alone!! Bit shell shocked at mo to be honest. Didnt realise that folloing WLE, radio and tamoxifen, that I have to have a mastectomy, cant have a WLE again. Thinking , do I have both off? do I have recon immediatly, delayed or not at all? I have 4 grown up children plus 5 grandchildren, breaking the news to them is the hardest thing, seeing them cry breaks my heart. Hate this thing!! Sorry to go on.Hope these waiting for results have good news and thanks for sharing, has helped. Lots of huge hugs to you all.xxx

Aww that’s awful sue. What a shock and how scary. No I didn’t know if we get it back you can’t have the same treatment. Bless you x x x