17 months on!

Dear all

Seems like ages since Ive been on. Hope you are all doing well. It will be seventeen months since I finished the dreaded and I remember a friend who had been through it telling me that it could take up to two years until I started to feel like me again! I nearly fainted when she said that. Even up to a couple of months ago I would feel really tired sometimes. Then last week I had this really strange feeling. (Im touching lots of wood as Im saying this) but I really feel well. I feel like the old me and I cant tell you how good that is!

My energy levels are back and its really wierd but the past 2 years seem like a dream, I cant believe the it all happened.

I wish you all well and perhaps we should keep thinking that everything passes…
Much love

Hi Debbie

Fantastic news!!!
I finished chemo at the end of june and for a couple of weeks after I felt brilliant, able to tackle anything, but then suddenly I felt like I had run into a brick wall.
I think the past 9 months had really hit me then and I started to feel tired and down.

I can’t wait to get past this feeling.

Good luck with your future

Take care


Nice to hear from you LancsLass, glad to hear you doing well…don;t worry i touching wood as i say that ,
its surprising how long ‘‘recovery’’ can take isn’t it.

hope you continue to do well

karen x

Hi Debbie

Saw your post and thought about you and the horses, so glad that you are feeling much better and getting back to normal.

I too am feeling great after finishing all my treatment in June 07 we have been on holiday to Portugal for a week and had a lovely relaxing time but since then hubby and i went to Andalucia on a horse riding holiday it was absolutely wonderful didnt want to come home. It was like visiting the old Spain as you would want it to be the company,food and beautiful horse were such a treat, it was great.

Did you ever get round to getting on the horses again you said you might when you were feeling better,perhaps this is the time. I wish you lived near to me and i would encourage you to come over and ride one of my babies i have a lovely old man who would suit you down to the ground hes a great horse, great for a plod round on and get your confidence back.

Wishing you well and lovely to hear that you are doing well

Take Care
Horslover (JanW)

Hi Lancslass I am so pleased you are getting on with life now You have been through a terrible journey as myself. I finished treatment in July and I feel great too. I just started a new job which I love it makes me feel I am getting my life back to sort of normality. Well as normal as it can be I do still have that little niggle in the back of my mind is BC going to come back I suppose as time goes on it will get less I hope I also like having my hair back as that wig made me so hot all the time. I do hope you keep well and Take Care Linda xxx

Hi Girls,
Thank you for your postings! Im so happy that you all seem in a good place…Linda I know what you mean about the hair, but Im experiencing a strange feeling about my locks at the moment. Before the dreaded bc I had quite long hair and before chemo had it chopped off. Now its like a bob again but when it gets too long I have to get it cut as I get funny feelings about getting used to it again…(just in case) whacky or what? Just goes to show that we are still affected in some way with the experience. Lovely to hear from you again Jan, the holiday sounds fab…my daughter, who by the way is coming back from uni with ‘Harry’ a sweet young broken down racecourse that she managed to rescue. He had broken his hip very young and was lucky to be given to a rescue society instead of being put down, she is now hoping to get him slowly back into work!

I was going to work the other day and cut through the countryside where the fields had just been cut to stubble and I felt tears welling up as I remembered early morning rides with my old boy, I was glad when they ploughed them!

I too wish that you were closer, the offer of the ride sounds magic!

Ive just come back from Portugal, it really does re-charge the batteries

Have a good weekend ladies!
Much love Debbie x