18 Years post diagnosis and treatment... and now a routine mammogram recall....

… and I am beyond shocked.


I’ve had routine mammograms countless times since 2001 and always they have been fine.

I was originally diagnosed with E+ and P+ left breast cancer, with one node involved.  I had a lumpectomy and node clearance followed by 6 x FEC and then radiotherapy.


I have a recall appointment for the 2nd of April at 10:15am - no idea how I get through this next week… I know 80% of recalls are fine but, you know, what if I’m one of the 20%?


I’ve been trying to convince myself of reasons for the recall:


* I moved

* I whinged it was sore so they didn’t squash me enough

* the mammo operator was new - (long shot!)


Please feel free to add more…




Bless you. The fear never really goes away does it? So many ladies get recalls and apparently 80% have nothing to worry about so hopefully you’re one of them but if not, any problem will have been caught early.Totally understand how you’re feeling as I have the faulty BRCA1 gene & had a triple negative bc 23 years ago. My annual mammograms make me a quivering wreck for weeks before & whilst awaiting the results. Currently in the waiting results stage & dreading a,recall. Hope all goes well for you. Do please let us all know how you get on. Big hug ((( )))