19 days post op and still no results!

I was wondering if anyone has has such a long wait for their histology report?
I am apparently doing fine and healing really well after my MX,ANC with imediate DIEP and to be honest don’t feel too bad physically. Exerscies comming along nicely and my surgical team did a great job, but the waiting is NOT helping my sense of karma.I went for my 2nd post op follow up today and I’m non the wiser. I’m not a nut that cracks easily but the unknown is exhausting and the tears and grumpyness out of character. I was told today they hope to have my results next Tuesday, I hope my Pathologist is just a purfectionist and there’s nothing more sinister in the wings.

Hi Suzy
i hope the results have come through for you, and that that are good …


Thanks Christine, I finally got my results on the 5th and it was what I’d hoped for - no sign of further lymph node’s involved and no change to previous pathology.
Got to get on with the chemo now.
Hope your doing ok