19 years old, painful lump on breast

Hi everyone,

I’m 19 years old and have been experiencing pain in my left breast for around two weeks. I wasn’t overly concerned, and simply assumed the pain was hormonal. However, the day before yesterday I discovered a lump in the same breast, towards the top of the left side. The lump is in the same area that I’m experiencing the pain. My nipple is quite tender too.

There is no possibility of pregnancy (I’m not currently sexually active), and I don’t have any children. I am currently taking the mini pill to control my periods, and have done for nearly two years with no problems or side effects. I told my mum about the lump, and she could feel it too.

Aside from the lump and pain, the breast looks normal. I have booked a GP’s appointment, and will be seeing the doctor on Thursday. My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer, but aside from that no one in my family has had breast cancer. I understand that, due to my young age, the likelihood of this being cancer is very slim, but I’m still a little worried. I’m also a little nervous about seeing the GP, as I’ve never had a breast exam before. What exactly is involved? Any advice/experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Hannah and welcome here

I am sorry to read that you have his worry at the moment, I am sure your fellow users will be along with support soon and in the meantime I have posted a link below to the breast awareness information on this site which may also help:


Take care
Lucy BCC