19th seems so far away

Hi, Well its getting closer to the 19th july, thats when i see the consultant about the lump. Ive found out that it isnt a one stop clinic and should i need an ultra sound etc the waiting will go on. I was pretty positive about everything a while ago but as time goes on i’m feeling very afraid and lonely. It will be about six weeks between me seeing the gp and seeing the consultant and its felt like a life time. At the moment i’m very tearfull and little things are winding me up like crazy, some bloke was “bibbing” behind me in his car this morning because someone else was’nt moving quick enough, i wanted to punch his lights out! Ho hum… sorry for the moan, needed to vent, heidi

oh flossyplops

i do wish you well in your investigations, did your gp think you needed to go to the one stop clinic, prob he/she feels it is not the dreaded bc and so thinks the waiting is ok! not

i go to the one stop this thurs so hopefully will know more then, though she did say she thought it was bc

you never know if your consultant sees you and is concerned i pray he will rush you through the process, why not telephone your gp and ask if she meant for you to go to the one stop

prayers go with you

Thanks ceegra, unless you go private all your appointments are seperate, i spose its the postcode lottery thing again. its good for people who get the one stop and is a brilliant idea, heidi

hi heidi

i went to mine and was fine hon, but if your having the US first you should have a pretty gd idea from that, they picked mine up on the US which showned hollow lump and had fna while there

still have a lump but go bk in 4 weeks just to check things

try and stay possitive