1diavnosed !nd ready to start treatment, but wait...

Ok, I finally joined because my head is on a journey of it’s own and I need to find someone with similar experience before I go mad!
I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in my breast 3 weeks ago. Plan is 2 oestrogen and 2 chemo combination for 18 weeks, the. Full mastectomy and radiation and to talk about reconstruction later.quite a headful, but got my head around it and met with the oncologist just over week ago after CT, MRI and echo had b÷n done. It seems the scan showed something odd and I had to go for a biopsy on my other breast last week. I hope to get the results in 2 days, one day before I start treatment and am now starting to freak out! It it unusual to find a second primary so soon? What if this one needs different treatment? I’m getting in a spin about what the best !nd worst case scenarios are. I suppose it is keeping me from worrying about the chemo. Anyone else have this and how did it work out? Sorry it’s long winded for a first post, I just dumped everything here x

Hi there,


I had a similar experience. Biopsy in one breast showed cancer and the MRI detected something odd in the other breast. Had a second biopsy. 


I was really anxious while waiting for 2nd biopsy results but I calmed down when I realized, “better to find it now rather than later” and “if it is a second cancer they (Dr.'s) will figure something out”. 


In my case, the second biopsy was some harmless thing, but even if yours is something significant, it IS better to find it now, and the Dr.'s WILL figure out how to get rid of it!


Hope this helps!







Thanks Avibaby, I think that is where I’m at, am glad that it can be nothing and that makes me feel better. I’m not really a “what if” person, so not normally a worrier. I’m good to face the chemo and will wait and see what it brings, just this niggle that will be resolved in 48 hours. I have complete faith in the team, just don’t want something growing whilst battering another I suppose. I do feel more positive knowing that it could be nothing, so thank you. X

Hi,I’ve just joined this forum too and I’m feeling similar as I’m worried that the MRI will change diagnosis and proposed treatment plan. I can’t offer any advice or shared experience but I can say I understand the need to dump!

Good luck daisycake! It’s an additional layer isn’t it. Hope everything is good with the scans. Xx