1st 6 monthly check up

Hi…just out of interest, what happens at the 1st 6 monthly check up after op?
Mine is at beginning of November. Is it just a breast exam or will there be an ultrasound? xx

I think this would be dependant on regional guidance. however, i just had wound checked and discussed ongoing treatment plan. I suppose we are all different in terms of type of cancer, etc. I recently had annual review and this would normally only have been a mamogram, but due to some concerns I expressed they were very thorough and did a scan, a biopsy (as they saw something they were unsure of) a needle aspiration, with all resulting in things being fine. Scan was picking up a cyst under the scar tissue.
Ask your bcn about what to expect in your local area. This way there are no surprises for you. Take care and hope all goes well for you. J.

Cheers jaynek xx