1st Aniversary

1st Aniversary

1st Aniversary Tommorow will be the first aniversary of my visiting the breast clinic to be told my mamogram was showing things were not at all right. I hadn’t been at all worried about going there, we were on holiday till the day before and had had a wonderful time - the last normal time before all this. My breast had always been very lumpy. I had been to the clinic before and then it was only a cyst so it came as a great shock as I suppose it does to all of us.
Mixed feelings at the moment when I remember how I felt - trying not to I must only look forward!

Hi Beverley
Wow a year…has that passed super fast or does it seem a lifetime ago???
Its weird…i cant seem to remember what it was like to not have a dodgy boob now…Nov 2005 for me…onwards and upwrads as they say… You look so fantastic now…as im sure you did before…

Thanx for info on domesticity…paying for ironing at mo as adrian just doesnt have time…she takes 2 1/2 hrs to do a basket full…quite pricey…as for arm range…just layed down on floor and i reckon im 90% there already…think it helps being a physio…and as its my right arm im using it lots!!!

Think ill be ironing by next week then…oh joy…
Had to break into a semi run today to catch rosie…not easy as tummy still a bit on the tight side!!

Review at dressings again wed…fingers xd, i think im still oozing a bit!!

I think its important to remember feelings before breast cancer but remain positive about the future…

Really will be in touch soon re meeting up…maybe lunch on a saturday…then ill be child free…

Love and an anniversary hug.
Anna xxx

Hi Anna
A year does seem to have gone quickly although so much has happened. Would love to meet for lunch I don’t mind the children but I expect it would be easier for you to talk without them.
Speak to you soon.

Hi Beverley

Yippeee no more dressing clinic for me…ooze has stopped!!!
What are you up to this sat, next sat?? Free 4 lunch?
Anna xx