1st Check-up & MRI

In February I am due my first checkup. 2 years after dx. 3 months after finishing herceptin.
I am considering having and paying for if necessary a full body MRI instead of a mammogram.
A mammogram 15 months before my dx did not pick up the lobular cancer which I was eventually dx with which by then had spread to 6 lymph nodes and was aggressive being HER2 positive.
I would be interested to hear others experiences/views as I am convinced the cancer is still there and that an MRI is the only way of picking it up. I need to know for future plans I wish to make.

My cancer was Her2 positive and it was not picked up by the mammo, ultrasound or biopsy as the lump tested as being a fibroid. The tumour was completely hidden underneath the middle of it. When I was in the middle of rads I had a chat to a relative of mines who is a Professor and has worked in the field of cancer since the 70s (he specialises in radiotherapy). I asked him about scans and other stuff and he told me a scan only detects a cancer once it has become as big as the nail on your small finger and it wouldn’t pick up odd stray cells.

I was stage 3 with 1 out of 22 lymph nodes involved and finished Herceptin in April 2008. I have just had my yearly mammo/check up in December and am currently fine and well. However, I felt like I had stepped off a cliff after finishing Herceptin and was referred for some counselling with a psychologist assigned to my breast clinic. This really helped me as I wasn’t sleeping etc.

I also had an aunty who lived 35 years post BC. All of her lymph nodes were involved and she went on the first chemo trial held in Scotland. She was 82 when she died. She is my benchmark as she didn’t dwell on things, even though her mum had died of BC and also her sister about 10 years ago. I had my lump when I was at her funeral and I look at her photo frequently as she keeps me going. I was in a hospital isolation room overlooking the cemetery where she is buried and I actually felt I was being watched over by her.

Hello, I went for my first mammogram after treatment last week. I am due a six monthly check up on Thursday and will know my results then. I was dx nearly 2 years ago. I am getting very nervous about this appointment. This sounds strange but I am scared of everything being ok as not used to this also it will mean sorting out my work situation. I have tried for jobs with no success. Soon as employers know my sick record they do not want to know. They do not say as much but I think this is how it is. I cannot return to my old job and the area I was in as too stressfulo. No amount of adjustmenht will alter this as have tried this.I will soon run out of money. Any advice? I have applied for dla so waiting from them too.

Rachy xx

I took on a new job which didn’t work out. After that I decided I would find going out to work in an office very difficult. I am now self employed and work from home. Once afternoon a week I do a few hours voluntary office work in a homeless charity as I thought this would help with my confidence. Perhaps doing a voluntary job would let you try something else? Quite often voluntary work can lead to a paid position and it’s lets you try something else. I don’t think it affects your benefits to do voluntary work as long as you keep the DWP informed.