1st chemo/pancreatitis

1st Chemo 2nd Jan 48hrs later had acute pancreatitis ,the vomiting was horrendous and pain was excrutiating See ONC on Mon 21st supposed to have 2nd EPI 23rd , SO hope ONC can come up with some answers to how and why!!!
I am scared to have more chemo but equally as scared not to ,anyone had same or similair reaction . Don’t think I can cope with anymore . HELP!!!
Hair coming out, by God it has hit me like a ton of bricks , knew it was inevitable but it’s psychologically churning me inside out.

Hi Corsa

These feelings are normal, however, you might find it a great help if you give our helpline a call.

If you feel you can call them, you will find that you can in confidence about your fears and concerns and the team on the helpline are happy to talk to you or just be a listening ear if you feel you want to offload.

Breast Cancer Care are here to support you so please use us if it will help.

The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm. The number is free phone 0808 800 6000.

I am sure you will receive plenty of supportive, helpful posts from other users too.

Kind regards.


Hi Bobbie

So sorry to hear of your reaction, and alas, cannot really help as never reacted like that. I had 3 x FEC and 3 x taxotere and finished in November. Am sure you will get lots of replies soon and some advice on what you should do. They may reduce your dose, as this is what happened to me on the taxotere after I was hospitalised when my neutropenic levels fell to 0.08, So that might be an option otherwise, your onc needs to look at what happened and hopefully sort it out for you.

I wish you well and hope that you don’t continue to suffer like this. Chemo is hard, but you shouldn’t have to go through that too. Just remember it is the chemo making you ill though, not this b*****d disease and it is doing you good, although no doubt, you really don’t feel like that now.

Keep posting on here and you will find so much support I promise you. Weekends are sometimes slower for responses though so don’t lose heart.

Take care
Lots of Love

Thanks to Dawn and moderator for replying and understanding my fears.
Love to all of you onthis site .

Hi Bobbie
After my first EC I had terrible stomach trouble with severe pain under my ribs. My GP put me on Zantac, Ranatitidine, it really helped. I did not have so much trouble with the second EC. Hope you will be better with the second FEC.
Best Wishes Alison x

Hi Bobbie,my first dose of chemo-I was on 4xFEC,4xTaxol- knocked me for six.I could hardly make it from the bed to the bathroom…but I sailed through the rest of it! (No one was more surprised than me) We all react so differently, lets hope a bit of my luck rubs off on you!

Love Josie xx

Thanks to joseymarie and green bean. Seen ONC today testing pancreatic enzymes (bloodtest) if ok can go ahead with 2nd chemo WED 23rd . Found kidney stone and little gravel in gall bladder. Like you greenbean has doubled my dose of Pariet(similiar to your zantac) and is going to lower my dose of steroids post chemo. Also decided to ditch rest of hair today , I cried whilst neighbour held my hand . Have had same mobile hairdresser for over 20 yrs so she is a friend ,had a big hug and here we go. No2 shave and it’s gone, making me more upset to finds clumps on pillow and shower tray bunged up with handfuls of hair.
So you guys out there wishing you all the best . Hope I get through next lot of chemo ok and we all get through this stinking rotten curse on our bodies.
Love Bobbie

Hello there
Bobbie good luck with the chemo on the 23rd, hope the tests went ok.When I had my liver scan I was told I had gallstones so I think that has been agrivating my stomach trouble!
Appreciate how you feel about your hair, it really upset me when my head was all shiny. I have my 7th chemo tomorrow and my hair is beginning to come back and my head feels all fuzzy!
Love Alison

HI Alison / aka Green bean Gall bladder probs with me, tiny bits of gravel also kidney stone showed up. It seems we are two of a kind. I had pain in same place as you so perhaps it upset your pancreas too, stabbing pains going right through to back , horrendous!!! I am having awful panic attacks because I am so scared. Years ago was addicted to tranquilizers (lorezapam) so although I have a few diazepam as stand by have to be careful of course. Have been on anti deppressants since my breakdown thru lorazepam and was coping quite well till all thiscancer business occurred. I really appreciate you taking the time to get back to me. Wonderful news re hair I did not think it would appear till completely finished chemo . Wishing you all the best with your 7th chemo !!! You must be nearing the end know WELL DONE.
Do keep in touch Lots of love Bobbie

Hello Bobby
I think that you are right and the chemo upset my pancreas as the pain did go right through to my back. Thankfully this only happened with the first treatment and I really hope that you are the same. Feeling quite nausiated after chemo on Tuesday but not been sick, which is great.
Many years ago I too was addicted to lorazapam! It took an awlful lot to come off them. Its odd because they give me them before chemo. as I get very uptight, I can see why I was sddicted to them as they are so good.
I used to have panic attacks and they have come back a bit since I started chemo. In fact feeling a bit anxious at the moment.
I have been having counselling at the hospital and it is really helping.
Hope your gall stones to not give you any probs.
I know its tough but we can definatly get through this so and so disease.
Do hope your chemo went well and wishing you all the best for the next few days.
Let me know how it all went.
Love Alison x