1st Chemo Treatment

My Mum has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and she may be having her first session of chemotherapy next week. The consultant said she probably wouldn’t feel ill after having the first one. Does anyone know if that’s correct?


Everyone is different. I know I felt quite sick in the evening and during the night - but a lot of that could have been anxiety cos it was the first one. The second one I was ok for a few days then a bit ‘ropey’ and tired and weak for a few days after that. The first session is always the worst as we dont know how out body is going to react!


Hi Michelle

I didn’t feel ill after the first one, nor particularly after the second and third. But have a look at some of the threads on here. Everyone is different, and some people seem to breeze through while others really do go through the mill. There are different types of chemo too, which may affect different people differently. So your mum may be lucky but she shouldn’t be surprised if she does get some side effects. What is true is that she shouldn’t feel bad while it is happening!

Hope it goes well for her.



Hi Michelle

I have just had FEC no.2 and have so far had no side effects worth talking about. No sickness and only slight constipation, but got prescription for this from chemo nurse and all ok. Only thing is my hair, which we shaved last night as started to fall out last week.

It is a very scary journey, but chemo is doable and not half as bad as I feared really, and once it had started it made me feel better, as I knew then that we were dealing with this and fighting back.

Everyone is different with side effects, I am very lucky so far, long may it continue. But if your mum experiences anything then she should ring/speak to chemo nurses and they will change prescription or give something else to combat it. I have to say that the chemo nurses I go to are very good and very lovely people.

Wishing you and your Mum well on this journey. If she is up to it, get her to come and chat to us all. She and you will meet some wonderful people on this site and it will help you through this journey and keep you smiling too.

Take care

Hi Michelle

I have just had FEC #3.

The first one hit me the next day, I was in bed for 1 day, then just dozy (no change there then) for another day. Minimal nausea.

Second one hit me like a train, symptoms came on quicker and lasted longer and with that one I was actually sick - didn’t feel right until day 5.

Yesterday I had #3 and had extra anti-sickness drugs and doubled my previous drugs too - that seems to have worked as I feel OK today, no sickness and nausea under control.
As Dawn says it is do-able but make sure you/your mum asks for extra anti-sickness drugs as you don’t have to suffer unnecessarily.

Good luck to you and your Mum - come back if you need to chat or ask any questions.

Hi Michelle

Must admit my first one didn’t affect me that much (EC)- and I thought “great, if its like this every time, I can handle it” . How naive of me. My second and third were harder, and unfortunately I was very sick, but the hospital were brilliant and soon got me back on track once we found a drug to combat the sickness.

My next four chemo’s were a different drug and made my legs ache - and I mean ache ! Again, the hospital were great. They tell you at the start not to suffer in silence and do everything they can to combat your side effects. Having said that, everyone is different and can have different reactions. Although I was very sick on EC, a friend of mine didn’t suffer at all on it. The tiredness issue is something we all have in common though unfortunately, and you just have to give in to it I’m afraid !

As Dawn has said, if your Mum is up to it, she is more than welcome to join us on this site. The girls on here are brilliant and always on hand for support, advice, and even just to listen if anyone fancies a rant - which we invariably do from time to time !

Sending you and your Mum lots of love

Julie xxxx

Thanks to everyone for your comments. It’s all really helpful and very nice of people to wish us well. I will pass on all the information to my Mum too and encourage her to join up. Thanks again and wishing you all the best too.

Hi Michelle,

I’m sorry to hear of your mums diagnosis. I was 34 when diagnosed and started chemo in May. There are many and I am on one called E-CMF. Personally I didn’t feel particularly poorly at all after the first couple of sessions. I think it took a while to accumulate in my body but to be honest I only really felt poorly after the 3rd Epi. The rest, including the CMF which I am on now, have not made me feel too bad at all.

I wish you and your mum well as you start out on this journey,

Take care and you know where we are if you need us,