1st day back at work

After 11 mths, tomorrow is my first day back at work. I am sort of looking forward to some normality returning to my life and am so glad I am only going to work part time. I start on a phased return so hopfully I wont be too knackered.

By the time I reach my 2 full days I hope to have built up some stamina.

This is a massive milestone which I was beginning to think I wouldn’t reach but here I am. I do hope I can cope. I just wish my hair was thicker. It’s about 15mm long but very thin and you can still see my scalp in 3 patches.

I am ready for any cheeky remarks from kids (I am secondary school teacher), and think I will reply with something like ‘I’ve been ill and had to take drugs that made my hair look like this, what’s your excuse?’! Do you think I will get away with it?!!

Wish me luck


All the best for your return to work Irene…if the kids say anything i’m sure you’ll come up with a suitable reply!!!
but then you may be surprised and find them considerate???

karen x

Hi Irene, knowing all about pc, well, maybe not lol, hope you have a really good day back, enjoy the kids, they are at quite a nice age in secondary, i used to work with one’s a tad older, and not so nice lol


Hi Irene

Wishing you all the very best on your return to work - I’m sure it’ll be absolutely fine.

Let us know how your first day back went !

Lots of love

Julie xxx

Good luck with your first day back Irene. I’m sure the kids will be fine - I have taught that age group and pass by groups of them in town (I don’t wig, just bandanas) plus chat to neighbours - they don’t seem to bad an eyelid. Maybe i am lucky - one girl in our secondary school had leukeamia so maybe they are used to bald heads on girls. Generally i think youn people are nicer than the media cracks them up to be.

Sensible going back for a staged return - unless you have done it io think people realise just how knackering teaching is. Let us know hoe you go - i have all this to look forward to in January.

Love Swanie

Hi Irene,

how is work going? I do hope it is going really well and you are not tiring yourself out too much!

Take care and do let us know how your first day back at school went,


Well the kids were good. I am lucky, it’s a nice wee school and most of them are very polite usually, it was just me being paranoid as usual!

I did 1 full day without kids which was pretty tiring but ok. Then did a 1/2 day teaching 3 lessons. I was like a zombie at the end. Doing a full day next wk, then 1 1/2 etc.

Decided to mention my absence at start of lesson and think this worked well. No one asked me any further questions so I pre-empted this I think. I just said that I had been quite ill, had to take medicine that made my hair drop out but it’s growing back now, bit too slowly for my liking but getting there.

I went home and slept on and off all afternoon and was pretty wiped out all next day too. Mad ah.


Glad you had a good first day. Teaching is a very tiring job - I teach in a primary school - so I think you did very well.

God bless.


best wishes Irene

from some of yours and eileens past posts on here you have handled the adults and the disease itself - I’m sure the kids will be a doddle