1st day in work

Well today was my first day teaching after 11 mths off, and I taught 3 lessons up until lunch time. I then had a meeting before going home at 1.40pm and I felt like a zombie, so tired and brain dead.

I am shocked at this and hope I can get used to it. I was meant to be teaching tomorrow afternoon but due to a mix up with the supply teacher, he assumed he was in all day tomorrow so I have asked for that to happen so I wont work again till next Wed when I will do a whole day.

Any tips on coping stratagies would be welcome, bearing in mind that teaching is full on, I can’t skulk in the storeroom or loo or anything like that!


Congratulations on surviving your first day back at work. I can’t give you strategies for the teaching unfortunately.
I work in a secondary school office as an admin assistant and returned to work in July (phased return) also after 11 months, but now back to full hours. Just occasionally (very occasionally) I can have a quick skulk in the loo, the storeroom is too open and busy.
I am sure you will get used to it again, try and have some more mix ups with the supply teacher! Seriously, please take it easy and don’t be too hard on yourself. I still find myself brain dead at times but my colleagues insist that they don’t notice any difference. With colleagues like that who needs enemies? Actually, they are a great bunch to work with.
Love and take care

Hi Irene, another hurdle over, one I have to face in a few weeks. I am so tired at the moment I can’t face it, I am going to get a sick note for another four weeks and see how it goes good luck love Eileen

Hi Eileen

Great to hear from you and on my other post too. I don’t like this new site, can’t keep track of where me buddies are posting and most of my private messages don’t seem to show up where I expect!

Wish I hadn’t said I would return at the beginning of term but when I did, husband was unemployed and we needed the money. I was looking forward to 2 days a wk (with a 1/2 day at home for prep) but now after a 1/2 day at the chalk face, I am thinking 1 day would be better or preferably none!

Now we can’t access personal info about other members, I find it hard to remember who does what so I apologise if I have it wrong, but don’t you work with people with learning difficulties? What days and hours are you thinking of going back to?

Take care, keep in touch