1st Eribulin- why no steroids??

Hi ladies
sorry to post again about eribulin but I’m a little concerned that I’ve not been prescribed any sterids following my 1st eribulin tday. I did question the nurse but she was adamant I don’t need them. That’s great if she is right- bloody hate the things! But others on eribulin on here all seem to have steroids + I’m a little worred that once again, the nurse has made a mistake? Even the onc I saw discussed steroids with me but the nurse inssted I didn’t need any!
Any advice ladies? Thanks in advance
tina x

Check and double check.
On my first tax I asked the same thing. Turns out i’d missed two days worth of oral steroids, and they went in iv before chemo.

Tina , I’d phone the chemo side effects helpline at yr hospital and check if I were you. Individual nurses can mess things up like any of us can in our jobs. check with the helpline nurse and ask them to double check with the on call oncologist, they are paid a premium to be on call and my friend always gets similar calls when she is on call. I’d prefer to check and be embarrassed at them being right than too embarrassed to check and then being ill. Hope it went well today. Is it a drip one or syringes? And I meant to say I have umpteen baker boy accessorize caps if you want any, before I send them off.


Thanks ladies. I am very fast losing confidence in the nursing staff (mis)managing my care. The last few weeks there have been a catalogue of errors, from ignoring a serious allergic reaction, nasty comments from nurses, not connecting the cold cap properly (doh!) and now, it seems not giving me the correct drugs…!
Another lady on eribulin ended up with liver damage due to not raking her steroids! I did challenge the nurse (very politely, I might add) but she was adamant no steroids were required.
I will call for advice in the morn + will insist the advice comes from a doc and not a nurse who thinks she knows better!!
Vickie, will pm u. Thanks for the kind offer :slight_smile:
tina xx


Hope you get through this night okay :slight_smile: xx I can’t understand why they didn’t prescribe steroids - despite the fact I didn’t take them!!

Let us know how you get on with the doc in the morning.

Good luck to us all.


Thanks grannyscouse :slight_smile:

bumping for any other eribulin ladies x

I Need to mention that I was on a reduced dose of eribulin because my liver function wasn’t great - maybe that’s why I needed steroids. I am worrying now that I have sent some of you off in a panic for no need
Also interesting (well to me anyway!) my liver function and tumour markers didn’t change much during the first 2 cycles but I had the blood tests results back from the 1st dose of the third cycle and liver function has improved quite a bit and tumour markers have gone down by 20%. I know we are not supposed to get to hung up on numbers but when they’re good I think I’m allowed to be pleased :-))