1st FEC yesterday

Hi ladies

I had lumpectomy in January with full aux clearance. 19/20 lymph nodes affected.
CT and bone scans clear.

I had my first chemo yesterday and was quite scared about it but it went far better than I thought it would. 10 a.m. appointment and out by 12.30 p.m. I didn’t go for the cool cap, most people I spoke to that had tried it lost most of their hair anyway so I figured why put myself through more than I have to.

No side effects yet. Feel much better about going for the second although I am sure I won’t be so keen when the side effects start.

Good luck to you all.

Hi Maugiff

Well done on getting the first one out of the way. I finished 4 x fec n 30th Jan - I too never bothered with the cold cap - hair loss started around day 16 after No 1 - I now have about 1cm all over of fluffy blonde stuff (though I still have Taxotere to come after rads so will probbly lose that then!)

I have had minimal side effects - remember to tell your BN about any of them - there are treatments/medicines that they can give you to cope with just about anything - so don’t suffer in silence!

take care

Margaret x

Hi Maugiff

Welcome to this fab site. Glad your 1st chemo went ok. WHat regime have they put you on. I am just coming to the end of mine and can homestly say it has not been as bad as I imagined. The time has also gone really quickly.

I too never bothered with the cold cap - have been wearing bandanas…

Margaret - may hair came back on taxotere. Although lost eyelashes.

Take care, love

Anne x

Hi Maugiff

Glad you’re feeling well. I had my first FEC on Wednesday, felt great yesterday but not as good today, very tired, think it may be the steroids despite me taking my last lot before 2.00 and feel just a tad down and a bit weepy. I have some cording after a WLE and total axillary clearance on 14 Jan, it’s not been too bad for the last week or so but today it feels like I have a splint under my arm and its really uncomfortable, don’t know if it’s the chemo making it feel worse. I’m sure it’s just a blip and hopefully will get some sleep tonight and will feel better tomorrow.

Margaret - I’m glad your side effects were minimal, were they pretty much the same each time or did anything get worse the further into treatment you got? Just curious.

Take care everyone.

Wendy x

Hi Maugiff, i had my first FEC on 4th Feb, i was sick and had diarrhoea, generally felt yuk for about a week after, abit tired too but not too bad.

I have also developed pain in my arm which after seeking advice from the chemo unit i was told was phlebitis, apparently the chemo can irritate the veins and cause inflammation, quite painful but ok with paracetamol and ibruphen. Make sure you take your anti sickness meds and look after yourself.Ginger biccies are good for nausea.

I have not lost my hair yet apparently any time now so not looking forward to that !! I have a wig which is very good, so will have to take each day as it comes.

Take care

Hi Wendy

The worst side effect I had (that wasn’t cured with pills or potions lol) was the downer from the anti-emetic steroids. I hav to say for 3 of the 4 fecs this lasted 24 hours at the most, so was cope-able. However, with Fec No.3 I seemed to have far worse of everything - the heart burn was worse (though controlled with tablets) but the downer lasted for over a week - I felt quite physically and emotionally drained from day 1 of the 3rd fec - until a fortnight later.

The 4th one however has been a total breeze. I’m wondering if that was a state of mind thing though - I think I just had it in my head that that was it - all 4 were over - and I haven’t had any side effects at all (apart from a bit of constipation - my own fault, forgot to take the tablets!).

Of course my BN had to shatter this by telling me that as I had done so well on Fec I’d probably be dreadful with the taxotere !!! Yea cheers …

At least i have a break in between while i have the rads!

hope this helps Wendy - we’re all different I know, but I hope you manage to get through without too much suffering !!

take care

margaret x

Hi Margaret

Thanks for that, yesterday wasn’t a good day, anything and everything made me very weepy but today feel a bit better and am thinking about going out for a walk in this lovely sunshine.

Have a lovely day.


Hi Wendy

Hope things are looking a bit brighter now - that weepy feeling just hits you from nowhere doesn’t it?

I’m in S W Scotland - and we still have lovely sunshine up here - though it’s absolutely freezing as well !!
To top it all I ran out of oil for the central heating on Friday night - so am sitting here shivering waiting for a delivery - which i hope will come today - somehow it helps being able to stare out at sunshine - even though I can see frost everywhere too!!
take care

Margaret x

Hi Margaret

I hope your oil has arrived, it got down to about -6 here in Manchester last night and was probably colder where you are. Lucky you being up in Scotland, we love it up there, have been going up for last 12 years and are hoping to get up some time in August.

At least we still have the sunshine which really gives a boost.

Feel a lot better today, you’re right about the weepies - they come from nowhere and there’s nothing you can do stop them.

Hope you have a nice day.

Wendy x