1st Mammogram appointment


Just had my letter through for a mammogram appointment 4th May. Finished all my treatment December 2020. Had a lot going on with a recent separation so when I opened the letter I felt immediately scared. Part of me just wants to get on with life and pretend the last year didn’t happen. I was diagnosed with triple negative bc so very aware that reoccurrence is higher than other types. I’m sure everyone going though bc feels the same when these appointments come up. I think I feel sad as well that I no longer have my partner to share these thoughts and feelings with. I’m sick of always having to put a brave face on. 

Dear Magsmay,

What a year you have had, let’s hope the future hold a better one for you and all our lovely ladies out there.

We all want our treatment to be over and move on with our lifestyle, however easy said that done, always a reminder, another appointment, another test or scan, however we are being looked after by our wonderful NHS :rainbow: as you said always putting on a brave face, that’s what we do. Wishing you lots of luck with your mammogram, take one day at a time  keep us posted to your outcome. Very big hug from me to you, enjoy Easter Sunday :hatching_chick:  

Tili x

Hello Magsmay,

I do hope all goes well for you , I guess it will be very traumatic and emotional for you this I haven’t been through as of yet as I’m still doing my radiotherapy, I think it will be very uncomfortable with all the pain you went through when first diagnosed and I presume you will have all your lovely team there to give you support, yes you are being very strong now starting another part of your journey ,  I’m also curious but yet will have mixed feelings.

I do feel for you just wanting to try to get on with life and then smack an appointment arrives, so it opens all the wounds and emotions up again and yes it’s a new journey and chapter we all have to through my thoughts are with you take care you can do it .