1st mammogram since diagnosis

Hi all,
I don’t know whether it’s the Tamoxifen making me emotional, it probably is, but I am feeling really apprehensive about having my next mammogram. I haven’t had one since diagnosis in May 07 and although my intelligence tells me that having undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy and now 9 months of Tamoxifen it’s unlikely that anything sinister is lurking, I can’t help but worry.
Has anyone else got any experience of this that they can share with me?
Thanks, Liz.

Hi Liz,

I think it’s only natural to be apprehensive about it. Even if you don’t worry the rest of the time, having a specific test for cancer makes you think ‘what if’. I was dx in Feb 07, had my next mammo in August this year. It made me worry too, but the result was clear.

Hi Liz, I think we’re allowed to be a bit emotional about all this! I was dx Sept 07 had surgery, chemo, radio and am also on Tamoxifen. I have been fine all the way through treatment and since finishing in August this year. My first mammogram since diagnosis is tomorrow and I have been an emotional wreck for the last few days. So I guess we can assume that it is normal or that we are all just abnormal together!!

Good luck, best wishes

Hi RoadRunner and Kez,

Thanks for your comments, it does help to know there other people out there going through the same emotions.
Glad you had a clear result, RR and good luck to you Kez for tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you.

Kind regards, Liz x