1st onc visit after treatment

I was dx in may had lumpectomy WLE / SNB.I have been finished rads for about 7 weeks now and have my 1st onc app in 10 days.Although I dont feel I have any problems I am getting sooooo scared again just in case things arnt right…I have to try and calm myself down if I start thinking too much about it …Im very good at thinking too much!!Again I think it’s ‘the not knowing’ of what he’s going to do.Could anyone tell me what actually happens…is it normally looking at your breast area and having a talk and any questions?Its stress time again!! If all is good I feel France at half term coming on :slight_smile:
Thank you
Kate x

Hi Kate
Just thought I would share my experience of 1st onc appt after chemo/rads. It was nothing to worry about at all they did do quick check of breast and asked how things were going I would say to tell them if you are having any problems as that what they are there for. To be honest I was in and out in about 5 mins bit of a let down after worrying myself silly!!! It is easy to get worked up again when appointments come up but really it was fine.
Good Luck for yours and hopefully it wont be too traumatic lol !!!
Jill xx

Thanks for posting Tolliebell ( Jill ) as I too have my first Onc appointment on 16th and to be honest didnt have a clue what they would do/happen , its nerve racking this BC isnt it

Love to all Janice x

Thankyou Jill for your comment it’s been helpfull…Hope mine is that quick! Im writing down a few questions I want to ask its easy thinking about them at home and then hardly remembering your name when you get to hospital …lol
Take Care and thanks again
Kate x

Good Luck to you too Janice x

Kate, can I ask do you have any side effects. I start my radio in two weeks and have been reading about the problems people have experienced so it is putting me off, maybe I am not looking properly for people who have sailed through it. You say you dont think you have any problems, Thats good news.

Hi Mell
To be very honest for me the worst thing about Rads are waiting to start them and not knowing how it’s going to be.I had 15 rounds and with each one I was waiting for awful things to happen but there really wasnt anything to be stresing about (easy for me to say now I know). I have large boobs and I am very fair skined so I was a prime candidate to burn or get sore easily as when your boobs are on the larger side it can get sore right underneath where skin touches skin.As for the actual treatment it was literally minutes and would take me longer to park the car and get undressed and you dont feel a thing.The best advice I can give you is to make sure you slap on the Aqueous cream even after treatment for a while and the radiologists are sooo lovely and they will see your boob everyday and make sure everything is ok anyway.As I said I have been finished rads for about 8 weeks now and I still get shooty pains and like little electric shock feelings and my treated boob is always warm to the touch and a bit firmer than the other one…In fact its never been this firm in 35 years :slight_smile: lol…Im starting to get a bit scared now though for my onc app in a few days it all comes flooding back when hospital times comes around.
I would like to wish you Good Luck Mell and hope this helps…you will be fine:)
Take Care
Kate x

Thanks Kate,
you have helped. It is fear of the unknown. I am only small so when they said your boob will probably shrink I thought oh no, because when I had op and the surgeon said there was a bit of swelling I said good at least they are the same size now I dont think he knew what to make of that!
Did you get any pain from your ribs? Good luck with your visit to onc. xx

Hiya Mell
Well I can honestly say my boob is the same size as it was before and I haven’t had any rib pain …all I get now is it feels very sensitive at times but nothing I cant manage.
Thanks for the good luck I will be glad when it’s over :slight_smile: xx

Good afternoon Ladies
Just wanted to let you all know I went to see Onc today and have been discharged!! Whooo Im so happy and feel for the now I have my life back :slight_smile: Thanks again for all your comments:)
Kate x