1st oncology appointment

I see the oncologist for the first time tomorrow, does anyone know if i’ll be given more info on the pathology of my lump that was removed? all i know is that i dont need further surgery after lumpectomy and node surgery. I know from biopsy that its grade 2 and hormone sensitive.

Julie XXX

Hi Julie

Yes you’ll probably be told about whether there was any lymph node involvement as well… Sometimes the biopsy grade and the surgical pathology grade are different, so that will be finally confirmed when you see your Onc tomorrow - good luck with it all.


hi julie,
can’t add anymore than what fuschia has said…but would like to say best wishes for tomorrow,

karen x

Thanks girls,
Surgical pathology confirmed origional biopsy, no other hidden horrors, thank God. No lymph spread. Starting radiotherapy and tamoxifen.
Julie XXX

hi julie,
glad your results didn’t have any nasty surprises for you…at least you don’t have to face chemo, when do you stsrt your radiotherapy?