1st yr mammo cancelled

Hi, looking for some reassurance, I’ve been told it’s highly likely my 1st yr mammogram and check up will be cancelled till next year. It was due early May and I realised that it would be delayed at least.

I had to chase my zometa otherwise I’d still be waiting for that. 

I’m not too worried as I found my cancer myself and I do realise that the vast majority of 1st yr mammograms are clear. If I did find anything suspicious I would be down the docs pronto but I can’t stop the thoughts going round and round in circles!!! I don’t have a breast care nurse to ask hence posting here x
Please tell me that your first yr mammograms were clear so I have some actual facts to throw at my thoughts!!!

Just to add that I’ve received an email this morning to say it’s definitely cancelled and I’m now on the recall list for May 2021, as long as the backlog has been cleared that is! They still haven’t resumed face to face appointments.

not sure how I feel right now