2 lumpectomies in same breast is this common?

A breast specialist surgeon has told me I could have two lumpectomies in the same breast assuming that when he goes in he doesn’t come across anything else. He said that it wasn’t his recommendation but it would be absolutely my right if I didn’t want an MX.

The general surgeon told me he had never heard of that and it’s MX that would be necessary.

I won’t go down the road of explaining why I’ve got to opinions but I don’t know what to think.

Is it common to have two carried out or is this normally a MX to be sure there’s no reacurrance. I can see for’s and against in both options?

hi chrisy

an mx wont guarantee no recurrence… nothing guarantees it but it does reduce your risk, however the evidence says that lumpectomy plus radiotherapy is just as effective as an Mx alone.

my surgeon is very pro breast conserving surgery so he would prob go down the route of 2 lumpectomies rather than mx… if there were 3 lumps or more they would def recommend an mx but happy to do WLE for 2 lumps in same breast… you may find when you are consented for surgery that it says they would do a lumpectomy or proceed to Mx if the tumour seems more widespread or theres more of them.

i would say that the breast specialist would be more up to date with breast techniques than a general surgeon… would also be a bit wary of a general surgeon even doing the surgery.


Hi Chrisy

I have had two WLE due to no clear margins, my next op will be a MX. In my case they had to do a 2nd WLE due to no clear margins.

If I am honest, had I known the end result would be a MX - I would not have had the 2nd WLE. My breast now looks quite deformed and a lot smaller than my good breast.


oh right is it a further lumpectomy for unclear margins rather than 2 lumpectomies for two seperate tumours…

i need a further WLE after my first tumour due to unclear margins but the prof said he had done as many as 4 or 5 so even though i had wee boobies he’d have been happy to have done more rather than an Mx.

Chrisy, not sure if you are talking about 2 WLE’s because of no clear margins or two lumps - but if its because of clear margins I had 3 ops before clear margins.

I posted on one of Chrisy’s posts yesterday and she is newly diagnosed with two lumps…

Sorry can’t help with this one as i was a definate mx from the start…


I’m unsure of some of the terms used such as WLE but I have two tumours in the same breast.

I’m under a general surgeon at the moment but I’m going to my GP this morning to ask him to refer me to another hospital and to a surgeon who deals specifically with breast surgery. I’m frightened of the time lapse as the lymph nodes are affected and need total clearance according to what they’ve seen on the scan.

There again I’ve heard that the lymphs could be inflamed but not affected.

I don’t want to have MX just because a surgeon can’t performe 2 lumpectomies.

I understand the risk but as has already been said the risk is still there with MX.