2 lumps now a huge purple and black bruise

Hi I had a breast ultrasound last wed. and am waiting for results. I have lumps on both breasts but now I have a huge purple and black bruise that coves over half of my right breast. It’s swollen and hurts really bed. I didn’t get hit there or anything else. I’m so scared should I go to the E.R.?

Hi Mommix,
Gosh, that sounds uncomfortable! I don’t know if that is a common thing after ultrasound or not, but as you are clearly in pain and very worried I think you should go to the ER anyway.

Let us know how you get on. Good luck!
Esme x

It is not usual after ultrasound which should be a gentle,painless procedure-I think you should either ring NHS direct or,more usefully,go to A&E.
Good Luck