2 questions

2 questions

2 questions I finished chemo and rads last Dec. My hair has grown back grey and curly (quite different to how it was before) I have had it coloured and cut into a nice style but it is so dry and coarse.
I paid £15 for an expensive conditioner and it worked, but I had to use so much each time that it is just too expensive to keep buying. Has anyone got any tips on how to make this kind of hair shinier and softer

Secondly, I used to wear underwired bras before all this. That is impossible now and I have been wearing the non wired M&S t-shirt bras but still can’t wait to take them off when I get in. It is so uncomfortable beneath the breast and down the side (on arm side) I do not know if this is due to scar tissue as it feels quite hard, or from the radiotherapy as my skin did break down beneath the breast. I ust wondered if anyone else has this problem and what they have done about it or if there are any softer more comfortable bras out there

Sorry I can’t be of much help about your hair. I had partial hair loss and it grew back curly in parts which was straight again within the year. I also remember my hair being very dry but over time this went.

I also found it very uncomforable to wear ayn bra after treatment and spent a small fortune on a variety of bras with no luck. I then went to Rigby and Pellor (London) and had a proper bra fitting and bought a non-wired bra that fitted like a dream. I can now (3 years down the line) wear an underwired bra all day with no discomfort.


Bras… … i finished my treatment in nov., 04 and still find it impossible to wear wired bras…the wire in wired bras falls straight into my lumpectomy scar…did try one again the other week but still too uncomfortable so am not going to bother again.
problem is selection of non-wired, not a great lot too choose from.
i have found the plain cotton 2pack from M&S OR sLOGGI quite comfortable, SLOGGI also do a bra which you pull on which is comfy as well.
if you find a shop with a varied selection please let me know !!!


If I want my dry curly (frizzy even) hair to look shinier and softer, and can be bothered, I massage in olive oil a couple of hours before washing it. (It is even better if left on overnight). Then I just shampoo once and put frizz ease serum on and it is just about passable.

Rosemarie x

Bras… Hi

I’m the same in the bra department! I can only wear M & S non wired t - shirt bras which i also find are still uncomfortable and like you describe - cant wait to get it off. Bored of the colours too - they seem to only come in white, black or skin coloured and my store never stocks my size (36B)

I’m also looking for some nicer and pretty non wired bras but cant seem to find any anywhere.

Will be following this thread with interest to see if anyone else can give me some ideas.


Hair It will eventually grow back normally. What you have now is really a temporary state while the hair follicles get rid of the chemo toxins. Best to keep it relatively short until the new hair is really growing in, and use a really good shampoo for dry hair.

Bra suggestion Hi,
Have you tried looking in the Nicola Jane or Eloise catalogues? Although most of these are mastectomy bras, some are fine for other types of surgery. I had a lot of soreness after my reconstruction and the telephone helpline at Eloise was really good, suggesting which bras were most soft, etc…A year down the line and I can actually keep it on until bedtime without getting uncomfortable!
Funny what you take for granted before BC, isn’t it!

Tash x

Thanks for your replies, I have tried olive oil on my hair and it definitely felt better so thanks for that tip.

In the bra dept, I went back to M&S yet again and spoke to the women there, and she suggested trying a 38" to give more room around the band so I bought a 38" C instead of a 36"D, have tried it today and it is far more comfortable…not perfect but definitely more comfortable. Still had to take it off as soon as I got in though, but I am happy that it is slightly better

Sorry for not answering posts individually but when I post a reply I can never remember who said what

Bras Hi

Just thought I would share my discovery of some extra comfy non wired bras i have found!

They are from America from a chain of stores called Victoria’s secret and i got them via mail order.

They are called the IPEX no wire bra and they come in some really pretty colours!

The website is www.victoriassecret.com

My order took about 10 days to arrive.


Bras I also find getting hold of comfortable bras a real issue. I found a small independant retailer in Seaton, Devon to be really helpful (my parents live near by so its convient for me) but they do have a web site www.silk-stocking-lingerie.co.uk. I have bought several Playtex ones which are very soft, lacy, non wired, light weight and comfortable. Spent ages in the shop and they had several to chose from. They were so understanding and kind unlike M+S. They also understood that I want pretty bras not just boring t-shirt ones. Perhaps you could give them a call. Its a very small shop but they will try and get things in in your size if they don’t have it in stock.

Alternatively I know that some larger Debenhams stock one of the bras I bought. I now go back to the small shop in Seaton due to the wonderful customer service.

Another option would be perhaps to try a small independant shop in your own are.

Take care