2 week referral. Very anxious

Hi everyone,


3 days ago I found a big lump, it’s prominent and you can see it when looking at my right breast. 


I had a appointment today with my GP whose done a urgent referral, during the nights without a bra I have pain, so now currently sleeping with a bra on! Gp said the lump is between 2.5-3cm.


i have just ordered the appointment book off here to be delivered to me so me and my mum can read through it together and prepare for my appointment. 


Mum 28 and have 2 children. 


Have anyone else else experienced a lump that you can see aswell as feel?



Hi Hayley


I couldn’t bear seeing your anxious post with no response. In my early 30s, I had a 5-6cm lump in the lower part of my breast. It was very tender. It turned out to be a fibroadenoma, harmless but recommended for removal just in case. Move forward 30 years and all I had were two new freckly bumps on my nipple (plus a clear mammogram), of no real concern to my GP ( who felt a lump between my ribs but thought it could be scar tissue) or the consultant she referred me to ‘to be on the safe side.’ Within weeks, I was without boob and complete heavily-infected lymph system under my arm, chemo and radiotherapy followed and now I’m recovering, on 10 years of hormone therapy and a couple of other adjuvant treatments. I guess my point is, size and prominence aren’t necessarily clear indicators of cancer and most lumps are found to be benign. There’s no point telling you not to worry - of course you are worried, especially with two young children to care for, but remember not all lumps mean breast cancer - and I hope your show-off lump is one of the benign sort. If not, you’ll be grateful to it for revealing the illness at an early stage and saving your life. I thank my freckles and my GP frequently, despite the vile time I’ve had. I’m still here, I’m NED (no evidence of disease) and have the softest crop of hair you’d only usually find on a puppy or a baby! (And well done for turning to this site for your information. Avoid Dr Google at all times - therein lies the potential to send you into a panic and terror and misinformation). Good luck with your appointment - do let us know the outcome.

Jan x

Hi Hayley, about 17 years ago (when I was in my early 30s) a large lump grew in my breast. By the time I saw my gp it was approx 4 cms, it was very sore and it was possible to see it (for me, it was visible because I have small breasts and it was just beneath the skin) I was referred to the breast clinic on an urgent referral and it turned out to be completely benign, caused by fibrocystic changes to my breast tissue. 


Obviously, I can’t promise you your lump is nothing to worry about, it definitely needs to be checked out, but it is possible to have a large, palpable, sore, visible lump in your breast and for it to be benign.


Sending hugs, Naid xx