2 week wait


New to the forum…have a small mobile (?) Lump on right breast , feel absolutely terrified and sick with worry…GP was wonderful. Received appointment through this morning for 10 days time…just wondering if someone could give me some insight as to what happens at first appointment?

hi Tracy,
Most breast changes turn out to be nothing serious & thankfully, this will now be properly checked out.
What usually happens is you see the dr who will take your history & do a breast examination. This is usually followed by an ultrasound. If it is not clear what it is following ultrasound, then a mammogram may be done & a biopsy if it is still not clear what it is. Hopefully, you will get an answer on the day, but if you need a biopsy, there is a further week or twos wait for the results. It does not necessarily mean it is bc if you need a biopsy.
Its best to avoid googling your symptoms as it only increases anxiety for no reason & its best to carry on as normal & distract yourself until the appointment, although this can be easier said than done!
ann x

Thanks Ann x