2 weeks after mastectomy

Hi, I had a mastectomy 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Where the breast was taken is still swollen, in fact I have a cleavage still. I’ve seen the BCN and she tried to take some fluid out but couldn’t get any, so she thinks it’s a hematoma rather than fluid.

The thing is I’ve just felt it and there’s a large hard lump under the softness - has anyone had a similar experience?

I’ll no doubt call the BCN again tomorrow, but would really like some peace of mind, if anyone can help?

Thank you x

Hi Wubbly

You may have gone to bed by now, but I just thought I’d ping a response.

I’ve had haematomas. The first after a segmental mx in August 09, when I had a seroma too. My surgeon got small amounts of ‘old’ blood on a couple of occasions. I remember it being quite firm underneath as you describe. After my bilat mx in Dec, I had a haematoma and had to have emergency surgery to sort it out, the next day.

Keep an eye on your temperature and definitely call the BCN in the morning. If it is a haematoma, they may leave it to sort itself out, but sometimes it needs to be removed.


Thanks for replying River - I’m waiting up for the painkillers to kick in, it’s a bit sore.

It was only Friday that I saw the BCN and she wasn’t worried about it then, but I’ve only just noticed the hardness. It doesn’t seem any more swollen though and I don’t think I’ve got a temperature, I’m a bit warm but the heating is right up! I’ll double check that anyway.

You have reassured me River, so I think I will get myself off to bed soon and call the BCN again tomorrow.

Thank you!


I’ve spoken to my BCN this morning and she has assured me that the hard lump is nothing to worry about - thank goodness! I really didn’t fancy another trip into the hospital today.

I mentioned that it was hurting more than usual too, she said that was also quite normal as the fluid build up could be touching a nerve, so I’ll just keep taking the painkillers.

I’m back in on Thursday anyhow to see the consultant so, unless things get very much worse, I’ll just hang on in there.

Thanks River, for your post, it really helps to get some feedback from those who’ve already been there.