2 weeks post lumpectomy

Hi newly diagnosed and 2 weeks post lumpectomy.
Really struggling from fatigue and anxiety and low mood. Told anesthetc ect can cause this but just wondering if anyone else feels like this.have had depression and anxiety in the past and do not want to go there again so hoping this is a side effect of the op and devastating cancer diagnosis. I am 68 and was fit and well swimming and walking regular
Before op. I would really appreciate some kind words of reassurance please.

Hi Kate

I felt extremely tired for two weeks and also the diagnosis alone takes an impact on our bodies
I started taking small journeys to see friends or to a shop and built it up from there
The anixeity is completely normal well it was for me
I’m 37 years old and somehow just knew what it would be before diagnosis
Sending you lots of love and hugs and remember small steps xx



It is normal to feel like that after an aneasthestic as it is still in your system, one of the things I was advised after mine op was to drink plenty of fluid as it gets rid of the toxins in your body and helps with the fatigue.  Try going for a short walk every day as the fresh air will help you as well and build up your stamina.


You are still dealing with the diagnosis and everything that has happened to you so far so it is bound to have an effect on you and make you feel low but it will pass  Keep coming on here and talking with the wonderful ladies who will be able to help and support you through this.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx



Hello Katygran


I’m 63 and had WLE and axillary clearance in May this year, after completely taken by surprise by The Lump one winter’s evening.   I’m a HUGE advocate of walking and being amongst the wildlife in the local park, followed up with a reward of a hot drink in a cafe, and did return to it quite quickly after the op.  My energy levels have taken a dive in recent years anyway, which I found most disconcerting, as I’d always been a night owl - and now I regularly try to watch ITV3 catch-up seriess that start at 10pm and I regularly miss the endings!!


Depression can be a demon, and if you feel it creeping up, then I recommend seeing your doc just to have a chat about things.  I have been on anti/deps for many years, seems to be a family trait where we’re a bit low in the serotonin separtment - and when I started to get some tearful days post-surgery, I asked my doc if I could self medicate a bit until I felt settled again - so with her approval I staggered some increased dosage for a week or so, which seemed to be the answer.


You will get back to your routine, but do it with some kindness and treats involved so that you feel good (like the cafe and sometimes a good book in the cafe - I can lose myself for ages doing that!).  All will be well.


Hugs aplenty x

Thank you Paul us did you have chemo or radiotherapy as well
Kind regards kate

Thank you ladybower for your kind words
Regards kate

Thank you Kate day so glad I found you all on here
Regards kate

Thank you you almost same age as me same op and although not got results yet and don’t know if chemo or radio or both I have been told it is hormone fed?
Regards kate

Thank you so much Jo so glad I found you all and your kind replies do not now feel so alone with this
Love x

Thank you Helena

Hi Katygran, I just wanted to echo what the others have said and assure you that it’s completely normal to feel a bit like roadkill at this stage.  You have been through a lot both mentally and physically which is a big set back and you need to give yourself a bit of time.  Low moods are to be expected and we all cope different.  I think my anxiety sent me more towards detachment from the situation than depressed and I didn’t really get upset until I finished treatment and was relieved it was over.  If your low mood continues you could chat with your GP and see if its worth trying medication just to get you through it until you’re feeling strong again.  I was 48 at diagnosis in March 2017 and I’m getting my bounce back after treatment finished in January this year.  Just go steady on yourself, you’ll get back up to your usual pace in time.   xxx

Hi there. I am 2 weeks post mastectomy and lymph node removal. I too am very tired. I’m a widow so stayed with friends for the first week. Be kind to yourself. I echo what others have said. Today a friend is taking me to the garden centre for a coffee. My first outing that isn’t up to the bloody hospital! I don’t want to go but I know it will be good for me.


Sending you hugs xx

Thank you my results tomorrow I am a nervous wreck
So anxious
Xxx kate

Thank you so much
Xxx kate

I’m in same head space a lot of the time. Think the endless waiting times don’t help either. It’s hard to adapt to this “new normal”. I believe you may also grieve in a way for your life before this.
I’m getting back to going out and about because the endorphins will hopefully kick in and help.
Be kind to yourself because who would feel like dancing in the street naked after a cancer diagnosis!

Hi Katygran, all sounds quite normal to me! I’m 71 and its 2 years since my WLE with full clearance . It does take a good 2 weeks to get rid of the anaesthetic…or so I was told, and it was. I had to do exercises to stretch the scar tissue under my arm, so a bit of an ongoing nuisance. It still gets tight.

Top tips for me: putting little things on the diary such as a teeny walk, or coffee shopping . I can now do an Egon Ronay of those!

Treats - like manicures and pedicures as I knew my nails would weaken with chemo.

Family- when the grandkids didn’t have snotty colds they were my uplifting Angels 

Telephone calls to true friends.  Much better than texting.

Above all, please be kind to yourself. Don’t know about you, but I don’t have red underpants and a cape. 

The very best of luck. ??? X 

Sunbeam - I saw your post in the Ask the Nurses section about your dogs - just wondered if you have thought of Borrowmydoggy or similar to get some volunteer help with your dogs - there is normally a joining fee but you may be able to locate someone in your area who can help .My health has been very poor over last year and I have been unable to walk my dog so I understand .Have you joined one of the monthly chemo threads for advice and support - it could be that you have good periods during each cycle where you are well enough to get out and about with your dogs .Jill x


Got results… No spread to lymph nodes.but may need
more removed as another small dot seen from lumpectomy. Results Her negative so definately need hormone treatment and radiotherapy.they still deciding on chemo.I feel so stressed worried and anxious cannot think of anything else.any advice on stress anxiety reduction help worth trying please?