2 weeks post op and utterly exhausted. Normal??

Hi there, I had a bilateral mx on the 10th June. Week one I didn’t do much as was very sore, week 2 felt better and more mobile but now I seem to have hit a wall of complete fatigue. I had my results on Tuesday which were not as I expected which certainly left me emotionally drained and I am weary of feeling so uncomfortable. I’m probably expecting too much but I am impatient!! But I have never felt so exhausted and drained! Xx

Hi Karen

It really is early days I had a single and it took me a good 6 weeks to start to feel anything like human. Fatigue and emotional ups and downs are normal so give it time it will get easier.


Hi Karen

It’s very early days for you…apart from having major surgery you have had a huge emotional shock.

Be kind to yourself and, as the previous reply says, it may well take 6 weeks to begin to feel anything like normal and more like months to recover.

It will be 2 years in September that I had a single mastectomy and I think by Christmas of that year 2013 I began to feel that I could cope with most things again (I was retired and not working).  So that was 3 months for me but everyone’s different.  I had to learn a great deal of patience…not easy for anyone!!

Try and accept the fact that you are convalescing and it takes time to mend.  Rest when you feel tired and pace yourself.

Gentle hug


Thank you for your replies. Yes…I think need to listen to my body and just stop fighting the tiredness! Thanks again xx