2 wle's/ ductal and lobular cancer /dcis /now a mastectomy needed help

Hi ladies 1st wle removed a10mm and a 6.5 mm ductal cancerous lump along with dcis.no clear margins .2nd wle removed a 12mm lobular cancerous lump with more dcis.no clear margin again. The dcis is towards the middle of my chest so have got to have a an MRI scan in the other breast to see if the dcis is impeding into that.I have to have a mx .I’m not concerned about that I’m more concerned about this dcis and how far it is and didn’t know you can have ductal and lobular cancer in same breast.the mastectomy will be my 3rd operation.I need to decide wether I want reconstruction ,implant or just a prothesis.I’m 48. My fab hubby says I’ve been thru enough and doesn’t want me to go thru more surgeries for the reconstruction.he loves me even if I choose to be breast free and have a prothesis.I’m very very confused I thought after 2wle’s it would be out and I’d be starting radiotherapy .apparently it’s er and pr+ stage 2 and her2- I’m thinking is it worth having my back cut open or my abdomen just for the sake of a boob .I really don’t know .I don’t have a problem even being flat I just want to be told the cancer and dcis is out.all these decisions I’ve got to make.I’m rubbish at making them .could any of you ladies give me you stories or is anybody same as me thanks amanda

Hi, I have very similar thoughts and around same age. I had mx end of may. As soon as I got dx I said cut it off, cut the good one off too. I Dont care about being flat either, but i do hate being lopsided. BCN kept reinforcing that I might want recon in future. I really don’t think I do. I’ve been single for about 18 months so I don’t have someone else and their feelings to deal with. I just can’t see myself meeting someone and feeling confident about my body, however, which is a bit sad, but, again, it doesn’t bother me that much. Maybe when I’m out the other side it will. your OH sounds fab.

Hi Chillipink, a very difficult decision to make, but one only you can make, I was diagnosed earlier this year and am now 12 weeks post surgery after an LD flap and immediate recon to left breast, it has been a struggle especially as my work is quite physical, but I am on the mend and had fabulous support from my family and firends… lucky to not have any complications, and I am greatful for that, but that’s not to say that I don’t have discomfort, which hopefully will settle down, depending on you as an individual and how strong a person you are will determine your decision, I made my decision fairly quickly after lots of research, but it was personal to me, not wanting to be flat, but then I never was that well endowed… but I am pleased with the result, next decision is do I have a lift to the other one ? Mmm now that i’m not so easily swayed… whatever decision you make, it will be right for you, and I wish you all the very best and a good recovery xx

Hi, I too have many decisions to make. I have IDC grade 3 HER+, I had a WLE and sentinel node biopsy on 12th July. Results show that I am lymph node clear but no clear margin. I am to have a mastectomy, being only 43 yesterday the thought of having no breast has led me to the decision of having an immediate reconstruction. After loads of deliberating I have opted for the DIEP, and am waiting for a date, should be around 10th September. I am worried, as waiting so long means a delay in having chemo and herceptin, however, the doctors have ensured me it will really make no difference.
to be honest if you don’t go for a reconstruction immediately, you may decide to go at a later date for one or not at all. I too thought over these thing.
I hope once you decide you will feel confident in whatever you decide.

Hi all,

To help you all along with decisions you have to make I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication for reconstruction, also I’ve put another link to an animated guide we have for reconstruction. If there’s anything you would like to discuss with someone away from family and friends then our helpline team are just a free phone call away and will be only too happy to talk to you in confidence. 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2



I hope this helps. Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hi Chili Pink. The problem in all of this is that no decision you make is perfect. As I am young (you are too), I did not want to live the rest of my life flat. I am now going through the difficult recovery from reconstruction but I wake up every morning with two matching breasts and nobody including my children can tell the difference. Your husband sounds fantastic and together you will make the right choice. I chose to have everything done all at once because I did not want to keep having further operations in the future. I am now hoping that I am done and dusted and want to move on with the rest of my life. I hope this helps you to make a better, well rounded decision. xxx

Hi Soose Soo, what kind of reconstruction dI’d you have?

Chilli pink, I totally understand Your dilemma. I had WLe ans SNB for IDC stage 2 grade 1 and high grade DCIS in June. No clear margins, so was recommended mx withbdecision on recon. My only option, as I’m slim, was implant. I spent a couple of weeks going from one to the other. I’m a 32 A, so thought I’d be ok To be flat, but after a lot of thought, I chose immediate recon with tissue expander. The thing that swung it for me was going to M and S and realising that the bras didn’t come in my size or style. I always wear an underwired, padded one, so knew I wouldn’t like the more lacy, flatter style. I would have had to change how I dressed. This may sound shallow, as I never thought myself as vain, but it’s how I felt. I seriously considered going flat, which I think is a very reasonable descision. However, I underwent mx with tissue expander last Thursday. I initially hadn’t realised that I needed a tissue expander initially, so it took a while to get my head round the need for another op. the plan is for me to have another implant on my good breast, to achieve symmetry. I’ll probably go up a cup size.
i am very pleased with the result. It looks goid already and I’m recovering well.
goid luck, whatever you decide, it’ll be right for you

Apologies, predictive txt !!

Hi Chillipink - you probably have already seen all my previous correspondence. I had High Grade DCIS, 3 WLE’s and finally MX on 2nd July. I had very mixed feelings about reconstruction at the time and decided not to as my main concern was to get the DCIS out of my body for good, have a quick recovery and then perhaps re-think about reconstruction. You can have it done 2/3 years after your MX. Am pleased I had MX at least my fears/anxiety has subsided considerably.

I was (and still do) feel upset about my new shape. Spent £100’s just trying to get the right bras/temporary prothesis. Had a fitting last Tuesday but not happy so going back on 20th. Might go for Contact. Reconstruction may or may not be perfect, at least with a prothesis I can keep trying until I get the perfect shape. However, I am still considering the possibility of reconstruction - am seeing the Consultant in March and hope by then my mind will be clear to make the correct decision for myself.

Good luck in whatever you decide. Diamondlady

Hi Chillipink, Like some of the ladies above I had an immediate LD Flap recon after Mx. It was my 3rd op, had WLE x 2 last year and rads for DCIS in right breast, then needed Mx and SLNB for recurrence in July. Having immediate recon has helped my psychology enormously. When I woke up and saw the reconstruction I was so pleased and I know it will be even better in a few weeks. I had the op nearly 3 weeks ago and am recovering well. I am regaining the movement in my arm and hope to start driving this week. Yes it’s a longer operation, a longer stay in hospital and a longer recovery but for me it has so far been worth it. It is a very personal decision and you will know when you have made the right choice for you, it’s a gut feeling I think. Good luck with everything. Helen

Hi Chillipink
I was not given the chance of immediate recon was told would have to have treatment first, had mx anc in August 2012 I had chemo and rads and have been told I will have the chance of a reconstruction in the future earliest time being a year post treatment. I see my surgeon in Sept. I like you had ductal and lobular in the same breast I am only small as well 34a!! I am at the moment happy with wearing the prosthesis got some pretty bras from Debenhams with the little pockets. I miss wearing vest type tops but the breast nurse has said when my skin is fully recovered in a couple of months I can try a stick on prosthesis to see how that is. I have read up on all the reconstruction ops and although not looking forward to further surgery I do want to look normal when out of my clothes. I dont have a partner to consider but for myself I do want to look whole again. Good Luck and Im sure you will do whats best for you keep posting :slight_smile:

Hi Chillipink,
Its a tough decision to make and your head is just spinning right up until you have the op. I had a double mastectomy nearly 2 weeks ago with immediate reconstruction using implants and strattice matrix. I was so anxious about the surgery as had never had an operation before. My mind was also spinning about the procedure and how id feel afterwards. As soon as I woke up from the op I felt immediate relief and my mind was totally clear again.
I think that having immediate reconstruction has helped me immensely psychologically. I looked exactly the same as I did before the op so was relieved. My skin wasnt very bruised or too swollen so if anyone looked at me, apart from the drains, they wouldn’t have know I had the op. I do have physical discomfort and alls feels very tight. Sleeping is awkward etc but I still have some feeling in my right breast and feel like they are still my boobs. I lost one nipple so have a big scar on this side which im getting more used to looking at (im v squeamish) and not sure if ill have nipple reconstruction or not. Time will tell. I don’t really want anymore prooxedures so am relieved I could have the mastectomy and reconstruction done in one go. If you dont like the idea of more operations then id definitely recommend immediate reconstruction rather than not having it. Atleast you will look and feel the same afterwards which really does help mentally with recovery and atleast you dont have to face further procedures. I have had down moments since the op as feel a bit immobile (have 2 toddlers that I cant pick up) but as I have had implant reconstruction atleast recovery will be quicker and I only have one wound site (well two) but no back or tummy wounds etc which would make recovery harder.
I was asked if id show a lady my reconstuction last week, just 9 days after surgery as she was facing the same op and I obliged. She was suprised how mobile I was and how good the results were it just honestly looks very normal.
Good luck with your decision making and hope all goes well for you

Hi Chillipink

aged 32 and i had a mastecomy on the 9th May and i have not had reconstruction. I have an understanding boyfriend who i have been with for 7 years and i play netball and recon could not guarantee i could continue to do this so i said no to it
Prothesis is fantastic and Nicola Jane in Chichester do fantastic swim wear and bras and there so helpful and understanding.
I had 7cm lump of DCIS but lympth nodes clear.
first week is difficult ie trying to get tops on and off i say borrow your husbands if they are a size bigger but after that it should be fine. I got full stretch back in my arm at 6 weeks
only you can make the decision go wit your gut feeling and good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you ladies for your posts .big day today.got to go to wythenshawe to discuss my mastectomy and options for me.hope this dcis is just in the one breast won’t know till MRI to see how much its across the middle of my chest so here’s hoping it’s only in one.

Chillipink I can’t offer any advice but just wanted to send you my best wishes for today at Wythenshawe. ((hugs))) Kathy x

Hi kathy thank you .well what a day I’ve had .seein plastic surgeon on Thursday.I’m heading towards the diep .I know its the biggest operation and the longest but it’s seems to be the most natural. And at least implants arnt involved.I went in their thinking prothesis and came out favouring diep madness but still unsure.what is your story hope you don’t mind me asking

Hi chilli from a fellow Manc. I had mx on 1st July and hated it at first. My head is slowly getting used to how i look but hate being lopsided. Am 34 G on other side so very unbalanced. However I just want rid of the other one now too. Dont know if in future will go for recon or not. Just want to get rid of disease once and for all and then have a break from it all for a bit.

Im sure whatever decision you make will be whats right for you.

Have you got Lester Barr as your surgeon?? heard some good stuff about him. Im at Salford royal and team there are top

Hi Chillipink
Just wanted to tell you what my story is. I had WLE Oct 2011, mx 2012. Chemo and rads 2012. Adament that I would not have a recon. Just wanted rid of the cancer. However, I have today just signed up for a DIEP recon. You move on and change opinion as your situation changes. I’m glad though that I didnt make any decisions sooner than I have done.
Good luck what ever you choose!
Joan xx

Hi ladies what a day. I’ve decided to have reconstruction at same time as mx to left breast.see in ps tomorrow .I didn’t want reconstruction but after speaking to b.c.nurses I’m going to have it done at same time as mx then at least it s done and dusted.