2 years on and no evidence of disease

Hi All,

This time 2 years ago I was waiting for my hospital appointment for the diagnostic tests and was diagnosed on 6th October 2009. Today I went for my 2nd annual mammogram and was told it was all good. I just want to let those of you starting out or going through treatment that it can be possible to move on once your treatment is over. I still have reminders - both physical and emotional - but it doesn’t dominate my life any more.

Good luck and hugs to all of you.

E xx

Brilliant news!

I am one year post diagnosis (23 Aug being my date!) and also NED as far as anyone can tell (mammo only alternate years at my hosp and to be fair only finished active treatment in May). It’s a great feeling - and what a difference a year makes.

Hope you’re celebrating appropriately.

Hi E

Delighted for you; about to have my first annual mammo in early Oct. Hope I get the NED result as well.

Take care


had my 2 year mammo and breast surgeon appointment. All clear. The best words in the world NAD.

Think I may have to celebrate this weekend