2 years on - heres to health and the here and now

Morning everyone - just wanted to share that its my two year anniversary of diagnosis on thursday this week…we have 30 people coming for a party entitled “here’s to health and the here and now”…there was so much that was very hard and demanding and sad about my diagnosis and treatment, but two years on - I still have only one breast and the tamoxifen flushes and a funny left arm but you know what - I am pretty healthy and savour each day…and am MUCH better at enjoying the here and now…
I will raise a glass to all my fellow BC travellers on thursday evening,
all the best Nicola

Wonderful, have a fantastic night & toast a happy & healthy future :slight_smile:


Brilliant news! Have a fabulous time… here’s to the next two years and the next…

Great news hope you have many more happy years ned .Have a great party xxx

thank you - here’s to you all too, Nicola

Wow what an inspiring idea Nicola.

Have a great time and I’m sure we all will also raise a glass to you. Looking forward to when that great time reaches us all.

Love Carolyn

Hi Nicola.

Nice to hear from you. Sounds like you are doing well.


Hey Midge, good to hear from you - its lovely to be back and catch up on old friends from when I was on here for hours everyday!

I couldnt have got this far without you all believe me.

An indication of how good I am - I just rang to ASK for an annual mammogram appointment as they seem to have forgotten to send me one…last year I would have done anything instead of that!!
hope you doing OK, all the best Nicola

hi glad to hear you are doing so well we were seeking help on these postings about the same time i remember seeing your name i had my 2 year all clear mammagram december have a lovely time missmessy x

Aww, so happy for you. Have a lovely time!

What a fab way to celebrate… it will be 2 years for me since diagnosis on 24th Feb not sure how i will celebrate as i am still navigating ‘normal life’…here’s to many more healthy years, it’s good to be alive xxx

Hey missmessy and fluffy chick - congratulations to you both two …extra raising of glasses to you both on thursday from Newcastle! thanks for posting, Nicola

Congratulations - I have just had my 1 year check up - hope you have a great and a healthy third year!