2 years on..

This last week it is 2 years since dx and I must admit I never thought I would be here. At the time of dx I couldn’t see into the future at all. I kept getting drip drip drips of bad news. Large 4.5 cm tumour 4/14 lymph nodes vascular invasion… At first couple of visits I was misled by bc nurses to aim for a ‘cure’ I wasn’t told of the aggressivness of her 2 + I wasn’t told about vascular invasion til 5 months later. I felt like I was in a pit and every time I started crawling out of it somebody ‘booted’ me back down. I have hesitated to post because it seems wrong to put a post on like this when so may of the people on here are battling secondries( which could be me any time) but I have always felt uplifted by stories of folk who are getting on with their lives. I have or will have this week three grandchildren born since dx and will have 4 next July hopefully. I like many live in fear and every day I have a new ‘site’ where the cancer has reared it’s ugly head. but that is the uncertaintity that we all live with. Most days I am happy and well. I work sew scrapbook and enjoy my granchildren. I live… Everything is so much more poignant… Good luck to everyone and this site has been invaluable. Hi to my chemo buddies Anthi, Horace, Irene m and many more. And thanks to all the reassurance I have got from the ladies on this site love Eileen

Hello Eileen,
I’m so glad you made the decision to post,it’s lovely to here from people who have finished their treatment.
So often people stay on the forums whilst undergoing treatment and then are absorbed back into their old lives.
I think it’s important that people who have now finished treatment still keep in touch,even if it’s only occasionally,like the aniversary of their treatment finishing.

You all have something important to contribute,especially to newly diagnosed patients,who maybe feeling so overwelmed by their diagnosis.

I wish you the best of health


Really pleased to see you posting with your two year news Eileen. I remember when you were an ewbie!

I think it is sad when I read people saying they are anxious about posting good news cause of those of us with secondaries. I don’t see it that way at all…I would like to see us all as one community…on a continmnuum…each never quite knowing…particularly if we had a poorer prognosis at primary diagnosis…what the end of our story will be. I think we need more conversations and understnadings across the artificial lines we create.

I never expected to get NED two years after my primary diagnosis…but I did and I remember posting about it, and at three years.

I only made 3.5 years after primary diagnosis till incurable regional recurrence (now 18 months ago), but my do I appreciate those NED months, yes worrying, but so glad I had them.

With each new awful things which happens I think we do all adjust, count blessings (though my are they grim at times). If you get a recurrence, if you get secondaries you someohow reshape ‘good news’ in a way which is incomprehensible perhaps until you are in that place.

best wishes