2 Years on



I have just seen my consultant after 2 years for my yearly check up of being diagnosed with BC. He has told me I will be discharged from seeing him but will still receive yearly mammograms.


Is this normal procedure as I am not sure.


Just want other peoples comments please.


Thank You

In our area it’s yearly checkups with surgeon for 5 years and the same with oncologist, so every 6 months someone sees me. Also annual mammos. Because I took part in a trial, my onc will see me for 10 years, and I think my annual mammos will extend to 10 years too.


It may be different in different areas, or for different types/grades/stages of cancer.


Hope that helps.

Hi Angie…I think it differs for many reasons.  In my area (south coast) it’s Oncologist (chemo and hormone therapy) for 2 years; radiotherapy 1 year; surgeon 5 years and mammograms 10 years, although I do believe it is ‘individualised’!!  Probably lots of variations nationally…x



Hi Angie,

I was diagnosed in October 2013.  My oncologist discharged me six months later in April 2014.  Started the annual mammogram checks in October 2014, second one 2015.

Now two years in remission. 

After each yearly mammo (when results back), I have a ‘How are you doing?’ meeting with my BCN when we discuss the results and any concerns I may have (usually another moan about Anastrozole and my aching joints!).  Sigh!

Hospitals seem to vary in procedures post-BC, plus it depends on what type of treatment you have had.

Stay well.

M x


ETA: I had WLE, radiotherapy and hormone therapy for 5 years.

Hi, i have been discharged to self care with open access if have concerns, yearly mamo and 5yrs anastrazole. They believe anxiety re appts and reviews is reduced this way.
I have been back twice, first time due to cording, second rib pain - which after tests all carried out on same day, rib pain attributed to radiotherapy .

I’m due for my second (of 5) annual mammograms next Monday followed by a meeting with a surgeon (any old surgeon not the one who sorted me out - actually the one I saw last year was the chap who sorted out my OH’s hernia!) in March. No meeting with ONC since immediately after the op - the one lymph node they removed proved clear so may be the ONC isn’t concerned. I’m on Anastrozole for 5 years as far as I know.


It hadn’t occurred to me that this wasn’t an annual meeting for the 5 years of medication - so if it is at least your post has given me advance warning.

I had mx 2011 no other treatment apart from letrozole. I saw a consultant at year 1 and 2  and have yearly mammograms. I am told I will not see consultant again until year 5 when I hope to be discharged. I have  never seen an oncologist.