2 years since bone mets diagnosis

Hello to all and 2012
Its 2 years today since my bone mets diagnosis ( primaries in 2000 aged 46 years)
Managing side effects of Capecitabine.
Inspiring news is I still feel well and have absolutely no pain. Continue to swim, cycle, yoga etc and have a zest for life.


How wonderful to hear this and so encouraging. I am in a lot of pain with spinal mets so this gives me hope
Rosie xx

I too, was diagnosed with spinal mets in November 2009. I had spinal cord compression and was in a lot of pain. I had to have an operation and radiotherapy, to deal with the fractured vertebra and I now have some metal bits and pieces supporting my spine. My pain isn’t too bad, but I take pain killers all the time, so it’s manageable. I have been left with nerve pain in my thighs - for which I’m on Pregabalin - and I have funny feelings in my feet. My balance is a little off as well - no I haven’t been at the bottle…not today anyway!
My point is, I FEEL fine! I live for each day and enjoy life as much as I can and I make plans for the future. I’m planning my garden at the minute and it gives me an enormous amount of pleasure. Roll on the spring!

Thanks for the encouragement. I have to see the Onc in a couple of weeks so hope he will agree to a scan to sort out the pain. You are right, life goes on and each day brings new hope.
Good luck with the garden plans.
Love Rosie xxx

Good to hear your news Esha and it’s lovely to hear of your gardening plans Isobel.
Hope you can find some answers and solutions that help Rosie. Do push for the scan, good luck.

It’s so good to talk to others I was diagnosed march 08 stil going strong had some detups its been a whirlwind from going from statge zero to stage four too much radiation the first timr around. Ive had Lupron Arimedex, Aromasin, Fasolodex, On Zometa, was taking Xeloda had to come off of that just the 500mg. Now Im going thru Tomotherapy which is working to get spoys on spine i feel really good God has been blessing me I feel wonderful Prayers having faith, friends and family in your corner staying positive and living everyday as the best day stay exercised, God is so wonderful.