We urgently need more models to make this fund raising calendar possible. If you are interested please send me a private message BY RETURN. A tremendous amount of effort has been put into setting this up and it would be a real shame if it came to nothing. We need a head and shoulders or full length photo as soon as possible but since we cannot exchange email or telephone numbers in this forum perhaps you could also leave a private message for me on the other forum www.breakthrough.org.uk where my user name is skilegs. We really look forward to hearing from you.

hi olivia i was just about to message the same as you hopefully we can pull this off and we do need all the people interested that we can hopefully meet up soon lynn (aroma) x

Im game and have just emailed through other site.


Me too, did some modeling last year, will help if i can, will message you now

al xx

Hi Suzanne - this is a calendar for 2008 to be modelled by BC sufferers to raise funds and we hope to launch it in October. We need your photo in the first instance so if you are interested please can you send me your email or phone TODAY in a private message on the other site as indicated above and I will give you the address of where to send it. Sorry its a bit complicated but we cannot exchange email or tel nos on this site. Hope to hear from you and thanks for your enquiry.

Hi Olivia

I think I saw a message about the calendar just before the forums changed. I would be interested to get involved if you still need volunteers but have still not managed to work out how to private message - are there any instructions anywhere so that I can get in touch with you?

Sarah x

PS - can’t email you on the breakthrough site as I can’t access it whilst at work!

I am interested to get involved in the calender. I’m 29 and was diagnosed when i was 27.

Hi Ladies

im not the official contact and im sure she will reply but the calender is going to be done in January and i know they need more ladies as some have dropped out so im sure they will love that youve volunteered.

Hopefully see you January


Hi there I am also really interested in doing the calender was diagnosed in September 05 aged 24 have had a mastectomy and recon.and all treatment going I will also pm u on the other site x x
Love clairemm

Hi, more details please - do you have to be a certain age, do you all have to have had a mascectomy or is a WLE OK too? Do you have to have model looks? If WLE is OK and a little dumpy 50 year old I’m in!

Love K

Sorry didn’t mean to take it for granted “I’m in” I meant I’m interested lol

Love K


More info would be good.

Do they give you a make over? I dont have hair at the moment, as having chemo but hope to have by January.lol

Hi Kelly and fayjay

The ladies can be of any age, shape, size, and breast prosthesis or reconstruction, as long as they are happy to wear lingerie and swimwear, It is also fine if they have lymphodema, or any radiation burns, (the cellulite, and blemishes can easily be airbrushed so no problems). There is going to be professional make up and Trevor sorbie to do hair/wigs. If you go onto the other web site and register than it will be easier for the contact to email you.

hopefully see you soon.

love Tracey

hello ladies,
just to say that we are still on track with the calendar for early next year, I have submitted a load of e-mails to the companies and professionals that are helping us, to say of the new schedule, and they are still onboard and are more than happy to do whatever it takes to do this. This is great, we have other companies now approaching us to also give us support so again this is fantastic.

I have heard through the grapevine, that there are 2 calendars coming out for 2008 (on sale end of this month for this one), for Breakthrough (the ladies were in Grazia magazine this month), and one for Cancer Research on a Calendar Girls theme type, but this one isnt yet confirmed. So we may have some competition and we need to make sure we are perfect, but it doesnt matter the more the merrier as the more money is raised for well deserved charities.

So I will keep you all uptodate via e-mail for some of you that have responded to me, but keep this site too. thanks for all your input and looking forward to it too.

Hi have just read your message r u still looking for ladies, I am just 40 a slim size 10 (well am now) have had double mastectomy with reconstruction and would love to take part, not sure how to email your direct and a bit thick when it comes to computers, just let me know.


This totally defies belief!!! Does anyone really image that a 2008 calendar will be launched in January 2008? That’s when calendars drop to half price because everyone has got one!

And for whose benefit is this fundraising? Nobody has asked.

Don’t get in touch because at best it seems too disorganised to ever materialise and it would have stiff competition from calendars launched in good time. At worst, you might be exploited in some way. I really cannot understand why the Moderators have allowed this thread to continue as it breaches the terms & conditions regarding advertising and soliciting.

As Trevor Sorbie is supposedly involved, and if you are still not put off, check if he knows anything about it. He at least, is easy to contact!


the calender is going to launched that september and will be a 2009 calender.

your really out of order, the money is going to Breast cancer and not for personal benefit. There is a lot of ladies that are happy to do this for a such a good cause, maybe you should add your name and try to help instead of sl*gging off a person/s hard work.


Hi that’s a bit harsh Holey, its all for charity, Olivia is just trying to get it organised, , my goodness, so much negativity!!!

and as for being exploited, well, i would find that nothing compared to being butchered!!!

The famous WI alternative to the “girlie calendar” had originality,honesty and wit.

No other alternatives calendars will ever stand a chance to match its success.

There will be no honesty about the effects of the disease, because you proposing airbrushing out all body flaws and using prosthetics. You’ve assumed quite rightly, that probably few would want to look at serious damage.

Also, ironically, some of the least damaged bodies belong to those with the shortest life expectancy. At the end of my primary treatment, I had most of my hair (thanks to the cold cap) my breast surgery was almost invisible (small lump and very good surgeon) and I worked hard at getting fit and losing weight once it was over.

Even my own mother said to me after my primary treatment was over “Oh you didn’t really have breast cancer - well, not bad like some people get it.” I had been through chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy so it felt like real breast cancer to me! It is therefore likely that my mother is yet another person who equates body damage with disease severity. Funny how this disease which “wasn’t bad like some people get it” is now killing me (I’m stage 4).

That’s why I get angry at this kind of calendar and the BCC Fashion Show etc. because it reinforces an implied message that wigs and mastectomy bras can fix the worst that can possibly happen to you. Sorry is that “doom & gloom” again?