25 and recently diagnosed

Hello I’m Sally. I’m 25 and was diagnosed with breast cancer on 13th July 2016. I was hoping to join a forum to talk to people in similar situations to me. I know very little about my case at the moment, other than they think they’ve caught it early. I went to Nottingham yesterday to see a genetics councillor to see whether I have BRCA1/2 and two other gene mutations. Xx

Hi Sally44,

It must be quite challenging to have such a diagnosis so early in your life.

I am so sorry that you have to find yourself here. It must all be so scary for you.

But as you explore the various forums and relevant threads there is so much knowledge, help and virtual support here.

The next few weeks are likely going to be a little bit of a rollercoaster for you, having to go through the various stages of initial diagnosis to the time where you will know what your treatment plan looks like for a positive outcome for you.

You may feel very emotional from time to time, that is ok - just let it out!

And we are also here to give you as many ‘virtual’ hugs as we can.

Feel free to rant and rave and express your feelings.

There is another 23 year old lady, who has recently been diagnosed Rach04 - so when you have been on the forum for a little while your private messaging should be ebnabled and you could contact her directly via Private Message.

I am not sure, but have you found this area, which is specifically for younger women?


You might also find it interesting to have a thorough read of this specific blog hbocuninformed.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/every​​thing-ive-learned-so-far-about-tax.html

as you may be able to identify with many of the subjects covered in it - and it is by a young women, too.

Facebook has also some pages, which might be of interest to you




We are all here to help and support, as and when you need it.


Sue xxx

Hi Sally
Sorry you find yourself here. I am 39 and was diagnosed end of June. This forum is a great place for advice, rants and hugs.
If you have any questions etc please do post them on here or use private messaging
Sending hugs
Sarah xx

Thanks you ladies for being so welcoming. I have been very positive, obviously with down moments but I’m finding the waiting the hardest thing. I’m sure you can relate to this! I have very little information on my diagnosis at the moment so dont know what stage I’m at as such. I have lots of support with family and friends but nobody that really knows what I’m going through.
I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis Sarah. How are you finding it all? May be a daft question! Do you know much about your diagnosis?
And thank you Sue. I will have a look at the forum you recommended. Xx

Hi Sally
It’s all been a whirlwind to be honest. I was diagnosed on 30th June and by the 14th July is already had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction so things have moved very fast for me. The waiting is definitely the hardest part. I will be having chemo too within the next few weeks.
The first couple of weeks I was very much up and down as you’d expect. Once I knew what was happening and a plan was put in place I felt a lot more positive.
Love Sarah x

Wow Sarah that is fast. Whirlwind describes it perfectly. Sometimes you can feel surprisingly good and other times you could be sobbing yourself to sleep, it’s crazy. I am the youngest of my mother’s 6 children so you can imagine how she is feeling. Some days I think she is coping worse than I am which makes me feel a bit selfish. But between us all we are getting through it- they’re brilliant. And my boyfriend of ten years has been amazing. I’m sure you have a great network of support around you too Sarah.
My consultant has suggested surgery (lumpectomy) as my first treatment option and maybe some chemo/radiotherapy afterwards. However, if my genetics test comes back as positive then I cannot have radiotherapy as this can cause cancers elsewhere. And I am waiting for MRI scan results to see if the cancer has spread to any other parts of my body.
I like to have a plan like you said Sarah, but as yet there isn’t one… I’m sure I’ll feel much better once dates start getting made for things. Positivity is the way forward with this though isn’t it? Xx

Hi Sally
It certainly helps having good support around you. I too will be having the Genetics test as I lost my mum to Ovarian Cancer 13 years ago, although my consultant does not think they are linked, but I guess we will see.
Positivity is definitely the way forward. Some days will be worse than others though and it’s hard to be positive 100% of the time. That’s why this forum is great if you do want a rant now and again!
Take care
Sarah x