25 years old, found lump, strong family history and very worried!!

Hi all!

Right now I don’t know what to do or think and going out of my mind with worry.

I am 25 years old and I found a lump in my right breast. I seen my GP and she confirmed there is a lump which is 4cm and mobile. She has referred me to the breast clinic which I am currently awaiting a phonecall for an appointment.

There is strong family history of cancer in both sides with the latest one being my half sister who is currently in remission (thankfully). She was 30 when diagnosed which BC and under went surgery, chemo and radio. She was tested for the genetics gene and it was confirmed she has the BRCA 2 gene. At present my father is awaiting his appointment to test for this gene.

I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter and right now all I can think about is her and what if!

Thought I would post to see if anyone else can relate and guide me.

Thank you all x



Hello and welcome to the forum, not a place anyone wants to be but you will get loads of help and support on here.


There is a section Talk to people like me under which there is a thread younger women and families where you will no doubt come in contact with ladies who are in the same position as you currently.


It is a difficult time waiting to be seen, the anxiety monster takes hold of you and you are unable to think rationally.  IF it does turn out to be cancer, treatment for bc is very good these days as you will see from a lot of the posts on here from ladies who have been through it and are now carrying on with their normal lives.


Obviously the concern with family history is not helping you, but try if you can to not think too far ahead and to distract yourself as much as possible, which I can imagine with a 5 year old keeps you pretty busy xx


You should get your appointment within 14 days from the date of the referral and do not get concerned if they give you a date quicker than 14 days, as it could be that they have slots available, it does not mean that they believe that you have bc.  There are a lot of benign breast conditions that it can be that breast clinics deal with.


Let us know how you get on and never worry about coming on here whenever you need help and support because we have all been where you are now and totally understand the way you are feeling.


Helena xxx

Hi Xmama,

So sorry to hear you have this worry, but at least now it’s going to be properly checked out. 

The anxiety is horrible & inevitably, the mind goes into overdrive, but obviously, with your family history you will feel more anxious, so what you’re feeling is quite usual. Mostly, all turns out to be well, with a benign reason for the breast change. 

You will get through this stage, we all do & although easier said than done, it can help to keep yourself busy, carry on as normal & distract yourself as much as possible. 

Do ket us know how you get on & do come back & chat whenever you need to. 

ann x