26 and mind on overload!

Hi everyone, I’m new and trying very hard not to worry!

I went to doctor on Wednesday as my right nipple has retracted (a while ago but i tried to ignore it) and sometimes has a discharge recently (which is smelly and sticky, sorry to be gross!) my nipple varies from being almost stuck in completely to just dimpled but it will come out for a short period if stimulated. It’s hugely embarrassing and somehow managed to keep my bf from noticing. The doctor said my my breast is denser at the top but that can be quite normal?

I’m 26 and no history of breast cancer that I.m aware of. I feel I’m majorly over reacting so have only told one friend as I don’t want to worry anyone unnecessarily…or feel stupid if its nothing! Also my bf’s mum has just had a lumpectomy n about to go through chemo so don’t feel I should tell my bf just yet. Just hard not to be snappy as I’m worried!

Appointment is 9th April. Can anyone tell me what to expect? I’ve done the stupid thing of googling the symptoms and everything points to bc. I’ve tried googling other causes which a few have come up (and probably one of them) but are these diagnosed at the clinic too?
I’m also worried as I’ve seen a couple of posts where younger women have been made to feel a waste of resources?

thanks for taking the time to read!

Hi Bam86

Welcome to the forums, I’m sorry to read you’re having such a difficult time at the moment. I’m sure some of the other users will be along soon to offer you there experiences and support.

In the meantime you might find it useful to read the booklet ‘Your breast clinic apppointment’ It contains inofrmation on what to expect at the clinic and what tests you may have. If you would like to read this on line or to order a copy just folow the link below:-


I hope you find this helpful

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

hi, i’m 33 years old and have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. the first thing to remember is not google everything, not all the sites can be trusted and they cause to to worry more.

I have a family history. I was been seen yearly till 2010 and then it stopped i went to the gp to ask about genetics tests and then i was refered to the breast unit.

try not to worry too much, i think sometimes as we have previous experience we feel it is all ready written but remember progress.
keep strong

hi bam 86
when i went to the breast clinic everyone was so lovely, no males are allowed at mine, only in the outer waiting room. i had a lump in my left breast. after speaking briefly to a nurse who took a few medical details the surgeon came in and i had to strip to the waist, he lifted up my arm and examined and looked at the lump. then i went for a mamogram which is slightly uncomfortable but not painful, its just an awkward position to get the xray. then i had an ultrasound, thats fine too. they knew straight away i had bc and told me so, they said i would be able to see the surgeon afterwards and he would explain everything, which he did. they did biopsies there and then because i live 125 miles from the hospital so it made sense too just do it.
i dont remember anything that was said that afternoon because i was in shock. my other half wasnt with me (being a male) and i didnt hear a word, they brought him in later to tell him. i would take a female relative or friend with you to listen and help ask questions. I am fine now by the way, this started for me on 6th feb and i am going back to work monday, inbetween treatments, so try not to worry and rightly so, stay of the google.
They were very blunt, no going round the houses, they said it how it is, but they were still lovely and helpful and understanding. You have to remember that most cases are not breast cancer. You are obviously worried and nervous, but it could be a number of non bc problems. The worst part for me was sitting waiting inbetween examinations due to my other half being on the ‘outside’, looking back i might have been better with a girl friend.
My friend who did not have breast cancer was treated the same as i was except she was sent home as soon as they saw she was clear.
hope all goes well, you will worry so try to occupy yourself and hopefully the time will pass quickly for you.
hope this helps to take away some of the mystery for you,
angie xx

Thanks for your replies, they’ve really helped. I’m not a worrier usually but this has really got to me! I’m just trying to make sure I keep busy and distracte. Xx

Hi Bam

The usual procedure is to have a mammogram, then a scan (like the one you have on your stomach during pregnancy) and possibly a biopsy, depending on what they see on the scan. As you are so young, they might not be able to see anything on a mammogram as women under 50 have denser breast tissue than those of us over 50. But they might do one anyway, but I would imagine you would definitely have your breast scanned. If you have a biopsy, they will give you a local anaesthetic so you don’t feel it. Usually one week later, you will get your results and a discussion with the doctor about any treatment (if necessary) you might want to consider. Meanwhile ignore everything you found on Google, just look on this site and Macmillan. Hoping for a good outcome for you. Good Luck.

Poemsgalore xxx