26th May 2015, a day Ill never forget!!

Well what an emotional day, I think I’ve cried enough tears today than the last year put together and I really don’t know why!! My family don’t understand because I don’t have cancer anymore, I’m back at work and have a full social life again so all’s good for me dispute me still being a BRCA2 gene carrier.


Has anyone else felt like this on their anniversary of their diagnosis? 

Happy anniversary! Thanks for posting, Suzie, we need good news. The tears must be massive relief and joy?

Now for the rest of your life, three cheers! X X X

Hi Suzie,happy crappy anniversary !!!I found my cancer anniversary very hard too, as was the time leading up to it ,it brings back very unpleasant memories of traumatic time in your life and I think most people find it an emotional time.It is very hard for people close to you to understand I tried to explain to my husband how I felt but he didn’t really get it "but you’re ok now aren’t you ",I may well be but in many ways I am still dealing with this and probably will be to some degree forever .