27 living in southeast London any younger women?


Hi Im 27 I’ve had a mastectomy and lymph node clearance can’t seem to find anyone of a similar age? 

Hello Becks_431

Whilst waiting for other users to reply maybe you would like to take a look at one of the services we provide called Younger Women Together. We are holding an event in May at London, here is a link to the details


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Hi beck
I am 24 diagnosed at 23 had masectomy chemo and on herceptin and living with secondary breast cancer.
Im from medway is urs secondary or primary.
If primary have you tried the lavender trust forums on the bcc website its for women under 30 w8th primary breast cancer xxxx

Hi Becks
Here’s the link to the BCC ‘Younger women’s support and information’ supported by the Lavender Trust which Connie has kindly mentioned:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi becks
Im glad to hear its only primary (although im not glad to hear you gt this terrible disease)
I hope treatment goes well for you and as lovely as the cancer staff are you never have to see their faces again (unless its in a pub :))
I had a quick look on lavender trust and thought it was useful
I would say try them all you wont which one is for you untill you try.
Have you been refferred to guys fertility clinic thats where i was reffered before i gt the scan results to say it spread.
How did you find it as it is alot to take in
Do you know your treatment plan
Thank you for asking i finished chemo last july i was on docetaxel and after first cycle started herceptin
I also had radiotherapy just as precaution because i felt it was right for me on my left chest wall as you gt to tackle it at all angles
Treatment was okay radio just feel tired, chemo one bad week the tired again but your energy does pick up
Herceptin is fine little fatigue now and then nothing unmanageble
Just some tips which can be tedious but i found really help
Do your masectomy excercises they really do help
During you cycle of chemo plan something on the last week u love or see someone you may nt see regularly it will keep you focused and if feel rubbish thats fine your allowed to cancel but at least you feel your trying to do things as you will get days wen u feel like a zombie lol
Do regular gentle excercise it does help loads

Unfortunately for me i was a size 10/12 and becuase of steroids put on a lot of weight which im still shifting but as a result has left some nasty stretch mark on tummy and thighs although i moisturized i would recommend using something like bio oil as part of your routine to help prevent stretch mark as i know as a young girl i did loose my hair my breast and put on weight then i gt these stretch marks too it didnt help my confidence with my body.

You may nt everyone different but if someone told me this i would of appreciated it also make sure you pamper your self as this will help destress and boost confidents as us women like a pamper and after always feel like a goddess even if its only our toes being painted :stuck_out_tongue: lol
I hope this helpful and nt daugnting

Yes medway is close only like hour train journey to central what part of london do you live at.

Do you have a good support group family partner friends
I havent yet been to any meet ups its hard to find the right group for me as i young and living with secondary but i did speak to someone whos trying to arrange a meet up for young women with secondary but again the lavender trust does meet ups which will be useful for you.

Im also waiting for reconstruction which should happen in july
How u finding the prothesis and buying underwear as again i love a lovely set as if it fits right you feel like a goddess again (even if ur in your slobs going to the shop haha)
I find mark and spencers is best online as they do fit nice reasonably priced and are quite cute etc as alot of the online site i find the underwear very grannyfied or if nice rediculously expensive so sometimes its another kick in the teeth but like i said m&s never let you down

Hope to speak soon and id be happy to meet up if you feel it be right for you

Take care