28 just diagnosed with invasive BC

Diagnosed on Monday invasive BC stage 2 originally thought to be 3x3cm however may be larger after mammogram. needing mastectomy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy. Still dont know if has spread anywhere else am currently fretting and waiting for ct results. Not sure i can cope with anymore bad news. I’m only 28 and have a 13month old girl I can’t imagine not being there to watch her grow up. Anyone else in the same or similar position surviving?? Xx

Hi Hazey, I’m 38 so a bit older but wanted you to know that you are not alone, the first days after diagnosis are worst as you come to terms with all the info being thrown at you, once you get a plan and start treatment it does feet better.
If you are on Facebook you might also be interested in our Younger Ladies FB group - search for younger breast cancer network (uk) and message private message to join the private chat group.
good luck xxx

Hi hazey, sorry you have found yourself hear but please know there are lots of women here to support you. I was diagnosed in april at 32. i have had a lumpectomy and am now having chemo. It is a bit of a rollercoster ride and you will have up and down days, but once you have a definate treatment plan you will feel better.
take care and feel free to private message me.

Thank you for your support and replies yes it is one big roller coaster the waiting is unbearable am hoping I can face the ct results today and face whatever the road ahead may be. It is helpful to know I am not alone and can come here for support and advice when I can’t face asking my family and friends. I will have a look at that Facebook group too. I wish you luck with your treatments too, I am sure I’ll be back on here again for more advice Xx

Hi, I hope you find help and support here to stop you feeling so saline. I can also highly recommend the Younger Breast Cancer Network on Facebook. It’s been a huge support to me, and there are other women with young babies.

Hi Hazey
i was diagnosed in June and I’m only 28 too. I’ve had surgery now and my first chemo session. I’ve found the forums to be really helpful. X

Thanks Lottie I’m just shocked at how many young women are affected by this dreaded thing! How are you getting on post surgery and chemo?? I have my mx this tues am petrified but at the same time I’ve never wanted surgery so much to get this bloomin thing out. Roller coaster isn’t it!! Hope you are doing ok xx

I know what you mean, I didn’t even think it was something people got in their twenties. I also haven’t got any family history of it, so it has all been a massive shock!
i was really scared about having surgery but it is a relief once it’s done and I have healed well.
I started chemo last week and I must admit that I have had a lot of side effects, but i think it’s quite unusual and there are also lots of medicines and things to treat any side effects.
Hope next week goes well, and message me on here any time, it’s nice to speak to someone the same age :slight_smile: xx

Hi all,

Here’s the link to BCC’s publication for younger women with BC


And also links to areas of this website designed for younger women:



Hope these help. Take care all,

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