28, waiting for results freaking out

Well to start from the beginning I’m 28, 2 weeks ago I felt a lump that seemed to appear from nowhere about 2cm wide on my right breast. I went straight to a walk in clinic the morning after and the doc examed me and told me given my age it was unlikely to be anything other than a cyst or tissue lump but referred me to the breat clinic. Today I went, examed by a nurse, sent for an ultrasound where the doc told me there was definatley something there and that they were going to do a managram then a biopsy. Which I then had, in the biopsy she took 3 samples from my breast and 2 from under my arm where she said she’d found something. She used the ultasound machine to guide the needle for the core biopsy. I can not fault how quickly and efficently everything was done.
To be honest I’m in a state of shock, the nurses told me the doc is concerned and my results come through next thursday. I’m just struggling to cope with it all, I’m in the process of moving home (the idea being to save up for a house of my own), I’ve just started a new job and although I have a good group of friends and an amazing family I’m trying to stay strong and not cry infront of them. I’m worrying about the future if the results are bad - which I’ve almost convinced myself they will be. I guess I’m just looking to talk to a few people who are in the same position or have been in the past. Thanks in advance for any replies x

Hi your story is almost indentical to mine. I’m 33, at first they said nothing to worry but after a mammogram they must have seen something else. I had 3 biopsies. Two on top right breast one at side near my armpit. :frowning: my results are next Thursday too. I know how you’re feeling. I keep crying and sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe. They told me it was suspicious and looked concerned so I think I have cancer. I’m desperate to know my results. pM me if you want to talk xx hugs

Bumping to the top so that the younger ladies can reply to you. As they will all say the waiting is the worst bit so keep yourself busy and occupied. It is all such a shock at the beginning but try and keep an open mind about it all.
Sending you positive vibes for clear results, love and hugs Tracy xxx

Hi withthefairies and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support and shared experiences here please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 to talk through your concerns. Lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2 and they can offer you support and a listening ear during this worrying time for you

Take care


Thinking of you both xxx

Hi Withthefaries,

I’m 42 (and still consider myself young lol). I was dx around mid May, since then I’ve been in the waiting room, had my lumpectomy and I’m now back in the waiting room for my results which will be on Wednesday.

This is the most awful time and all sorts of things will be going through you mind right now. I stopped eating, had anxiety attacks and lost a little over half a stone in 5 days. It wasn’t good.

You need to keep yourself busy (and I know it will always be on your mind), rely on your friends and family. It is ok to cry in front of them. They will understand how you are feeling.

concentrate on your new home and your new job - I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Take care
Martha xx

Dear Withthefairies and Carolina33
I know how you are both feeling. Just over two weeks ago I realised I had a lump, went to GP was referred to the local breast clinic. Yesterday had mammogram, ultrasound and 7 core biopsies taken. Results next Wednesday. Trying to concentrate on work but it’s not easy. Ho hum… I guess it is a day at a time.

I was 39 when I was diagnosed. I really really hope your results will come back negative. Rely on your friends.Don’t stay alone and don’t worry if you need a good cry. Crying is cathartic!
Waiting is one of the worst challenges during this journey.
I wish you girls all the best with your results.

7 biopsies wow. ouch poor you. i thought 3 was a lot. im having a lot of pain in my arm it aches, not sure if that was because of the near under arm site. They don’t really tell you to expect pain or anything really.
Good luck with results on wednesday. Looks like many of us are having results then or Thursday.

Withthefaries have Pmd you again.
Have a nice weekend everybody, xx

Hi Carolina33

I’ve kinda worked out that Wednesday is a results day, Thursday is a dx day and Friday is an op day lol

Well that’s what it looks like to me :wink:

Good luck everyone with their results for Wednesday my fingers are crossed for everyone (including me lol).

Martha xx

Hi ladies I’m 32 and going through exactly the same the waiting is the worst part. I was diagnosed and I have had my surgery now. I dont want to say too much as fingers crossed your both be fine thinking of you xxxxx

Hi,I’m a Wednesday results as well 2nd wle ,first one didn’t get clear margins.I have a holiday booked in turkey for the 24th he says I can go if the margins are clear this time and will start chemo when I get back.Keeping my fingers for good results for everyone.take care meggy x

I have a holiday to Egypt. 5 days after my results!! Want to still go but if its really shocking news I won’t go. :-/

Hi,If I need a third op I won’t go.it has been a long year found my lump in January hospital appointment february dx 6th march,then my blood test was to high had a bone,liver and lung scan got booked in for the 25th march for my op but my bone scan showed something op got cancelled sent for a MRI scan took another 3 weeks to get it done and get the results,(which were clear),i had a lumpectomy 4 weeks ago but didn’t get clear margins had a second op on monday.I now feel mentally exhausted would love my holiday to recharge my batteries ready for chemo. Sorry for the ramble but I am so fed up.take care meggy x

Peeps - Go on your holidays, regardless of your news.

Meggy, unless your onc says no. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Remember, you have worked hard all year for these holidays and it would great real shame if you don’t go.

Good luck to everyone on their results this week.

Martha xx

I guess you’ll have to wait and see how you feel and then decide whether you want to go or not, in some ways it might be nice to get away from everything for a while and be somewhere completely different.
Thanks for all the replies and good luck to everyone this week

To Those Who Have Just Received Their Results,
I am hoping that you have all had good news like Martha (excellent results Martha!). My big lump (I’ve nick-named it “Fred”) did turn out to be cancer. I have a planning meeting with the consultant tomorrow and then Fred and I are due to part company in about 3 weeks’ time. My BCN asked me how I felt about the news that I have to have a mastectomy? I have two teenage children – it’s a small price to pay. Now, if I can just get my head around having to be in hospital I’ll be fine. Onward and upward…

PS. Can’t tell you how useful and reassuring I have found this website. Thank you to everyone for sharing your thoughts and your wisdom. Wonderful.

any news from withthefairies and carolina33??? fingers crossed for you both

Today I found out I have breast cancer, stage 2 no lymph nodes involved. I am in shock, everytime I speak to one of my friends on the phone I start crying. Saying it out loud makes it more real. I have to go for an MRI next week, because I’m only 28 they need a clearer picture so they know exactly what to operate on. I think I’ll be staying on this website for support and advice from people who’ve been there and done that. All the leaflets the nurse gave me today are from this organisation and they seem helpful. At the moment I guess I’m reeling from the fact that everything in my life is going to change from this point onwards and I have to make decisions that will affect the rest of my life. I’m just trying to keep my head above water for the time being

Oh, you and Caroline both! That sucks! No two ways. Cancer sucks. I hate this bloody disease. I seem to be having rage issues this week!

Ok, so take a deep breath. Now you know, what you are dealing with, and you will regain a little more control once you have your treatment plan in place. We’ll be with you on your ride. Some people refer to it as a journey, but its a bloody rollercoaster ride as I said to Caro just now.

Big hugs sweetie, allow your friends to support you in any way you can, but don’t be surprised at some of the reactions you get. A lot of people simply do not know how to react, and become quite fearful themselves, so they say they most peculiar things. There’s a thread about that now. It’s quite funny in a “laugh or cry” sort of way. Sometimes you will do both btw, often within minutes of eachother, but it’s true that humour helps and can be found in the most unlike places!

Stop rambling, Rose. xxxx