2nd chemo and worst period I've ever had...coincidence?

Has any one else experienced heavier periods after chemo? This chemo was bad enough but this just seems cruel.

Hi fonduegirl
I had an unusually massive period after my first or second chemo, two years ago, and then two days after it stopped it started again, which was very odd. And then after that I never had a period again. My nurse specialist said that was not unusual.
Worth checking with your chemo nurse specialist or BCN though. Just to put your mind at rest. Hope it eases soon for you.
warmest wishes

Thanks Christine. Good to know I’m not the only one. Will call tomorrow and ask.

Hiya Fonduegirl
I think I read somewhere that the chemo’s effect on your platelet count may explain a heavier period? May be worth checking if that’s actually correct and not something Ive dreamed up (Im blaming chemo brain for everything lol) x

Yep, chemo knocks your hormones for six, including your periods. Mine were dreadfully affected, but it wasn’t properly explained on the hospital side effects sheet so really worried and confused me. I also had hormonal anxiety and tearfulness. I’ll bump up the ‘periods after chemo’ thread I started a year or two ago, it has pages full of ladies’ experiences so yo can see really quickly that you are not alone. X

Thank you. I called my bcn and she said it can go either way. Either very light or very heavy And I may find my next one is very light. I’d much prefer that to be honest. It’s been a bit gruesome. Calming down now thankfully. Got to get rid of this cold now. Xx